Just bought V5 ... Need proforma

Hello Emre, i just bought sambapos v5 * on userid rockcaffe … but i need a proforma invoice if you can provide me one… Thanks ( you can send it to me to the email address atached to the userid) . i will appreciate if you can do that

Typically Paypal provides you an invoice for every transaction.

i know that but i need a proforma from supplier not from paypal. A signed proforma. This is how the law work here :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe a proforma invoice is one that is supplied before payment is made, in essence similar to a quote but for a confirmed order.
Proforma invoices often have written on them that they are not tax receipts as have not actually been paid yet.
You need an Invoice/Receipt which is what paypal provides marked with the sellers company name.
Either way proforma is not the term for what your after :smile:


JTRTech is correct a Proforma is what you get before payment typically used when you have supplier orders but do not pay at same time order is placed. In the case of purchasing v5 you have already paid and have received instantly the license so you should be getting a sale invoice which is what you get from Paypal.

Well yes i need the fiscal invoice … the one that you get from seller after you buy the product not before. :slight_smile:

Paypal receipt should work. It documents your transaction and proves you paid that amount.

Yes different countries may enforce local purchases to be printed on official invoice sheet, stamped, signed or digitally registered somewhere. However for international transactions email invoices generally works as companies follows their local laws to document their sales.

Which country is it? For example what happens when you buy an app on your iphone? Does Apple creates a stamped invoice?

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