Just eat/hungry house integration


Is there anyway to integrate just eat or hungry house so when an order comes in on these websites it goes automatically to sambaps

We demonstrated a test integration with gloria foods you can see the steps in v5 release catefory for .60 version. You might get idea how to do integrations from that.


Just Eat does not provide API so, you need to parse email which is harder to do integration. Lot of things can go wrong while parsing email. Maybe restaurants should push just eat for API.

No idea about Hungry House.

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How do they send it? as plain text attachment or literally email message content?

HTML format and hopefully they don’t change template format. They just did change online partner website so, it break my on/off iMacros button.

HTML! That’s not going to be good for any integration.
Only comparison I have is Laterooms, although never had to deal with them as use channel manager which presumably communicates directly but with the booking email there is a fairly consistently formatted .txt which I would expect to be a much more viable integration possibility than HTML emails…
Doesn’t seem like they are trying to help… API modules for these types of services would be a valuable tool for many but I would not like to offer a package which relies on parsing an email of plain text yet alone html, does seen like adds allot of complexity.
I gather you use services like that?
Does any other POS offer an integration for these?

Hi Sukasem
i am wondering do u have the codes to integrate justeat orders directly with the pos… or if u guide as to what i should do to integrate the orders it would be of great help



Like what has been said, if its an HTML email not only would it take a lot of debugging to get everything right, but they will no dobut be changing their email every month or so and even if it is just moving a div to another place it could completely screw up the integration, I would recconmend you find a dfffernet online ordering platform much like gloria foods which does provide an API to work with


hi all,

i am really wondring about this service


what is the support mail id of just eat where we can mail and get the api status.
anyone who is having support email ?

https://parseur.com/ is a good email parser. has drag and drop options to parse emails. Zappier also has ready to use zaps and email parsers.

I have a customer who uses Email Parser to grab JustEat emails and write their data to Excel but as the app also supports scripting and database integration it should be possible to automatically create an order on SambaPOS as well.

I have attached a screenshot of his setup. I hope it helps.