Just install Sambapos

Just Installed SambaPos .24 and a extra computer with windows 10 home edition, already got a server up and running and when i go to manager to change database info the screen freeze up. Won’t let me setup anything . I have to open task manager in order to close it up.

Is this new version that on database/existing till? It may take time to update db and you would need to update other till to if that’s the case.
Have you definitely opened firewall ports for sql?

Weird is I can use POS section not problem . But manage got circle with the mouse pointer and never refesh by the way is sambapos news tab

New tab can take a moment to load, once your in you can disable news tab in program settings -> error & useage

Never ends and freeze it up

You can turn that off. Go to settimgs, local settings and online.

Are you connected to the internet?

It’s connected. But don’t even let me get the part.

Hello @Tepa,

If you can provide me Anydesk Remote Connection Program ID, I can connect to your system and check the situation out for you.