KDS Development/Feature request

Hi Team,

I just got our KDS app running last night and loving it! just another example of why I love Sambapos and the community that makes it!

Hoping to start a discussion on some possible customisations/feature requests which may be possible now or on a future version:

Order time reset on a new order-
Can the timer on tickets be made to reset when a totally new order is added, such as when a table adds additional orders? my team are hyped up by the Colour ‘race’ and gets a bit disheartened when new orders start out as RED from the previous tables’ second order.

Dedicated KDS reports
Can we interrogate the KDS data for average order times? Such as times of prep for items grouped by Dish, time of day and so on. Maybe we can already do this but wasn’t sure how. If the data could be made available in reports there really is a ton of investigations possible into the data

All Day Numbers
An option for a separate box on the KDS display showing the total number of items outstanding grouped by item, not ticket. This is something useful for a lot of kitchens and is often done manually during busy times by the expediter to stay on top of the sections that are getting snowed under. This could have options to maybe only show certain items or the highest number or grouped by protein and such. ie “20 burger patties up all day” (but could be across 15 different bills and burger types)

waiters KDS
I feel like this is possible but can’t see how. When an item is completed by the chef can another KDS show the items as ready but doest disappear until the waiter confirms on their own screen?
this would remove the final need for a printed ticket for communicating with the chef without them having to remember from a disappeared ticket.

Anyway so that’s a list of some ideas, would love to see what others think of the above and maybe any others to really unlock the power of this solution!


Well, I see this got a lively debate going! :laughing:

It occurred to me that the completed page could act as a waiter display if we simply had the option to add ‘served’ (or something similar) to the ticket items on that page. Would that be possible?