KDS Slow to 'order complete '

Hi All,

We are having an issue with the KDS app on our tablet:
When the chefs tap ‘order complete’ it is taking an extended amount of time to complete the items and clear the ticket. The more tickets we have in the queue the longer it seems to take. Sometimes up to several minutes if more then 5 or 6 orders are loaded.

Does anyone have ideas on how we could speed this up as it slows our workflow right down when busy.

Ideas appreciated!

more info on which KDS solution are you using? android? iOS? pc via remote access? or custom code from the forum?

There is an inherent issue with all the KDS printer tasks when the database tasks table become too large in size and it does slow things down. I’m not sure if the team has implemented a (delete completed/old tasks from table) function or not.

He is probabaly using our kds app on the playstore. We are aware of some bugs in the version 1. We will be updating it soon so stay on the lookout.

A few tips though. The app uses message server so make sure the server hosting message server has plenty of ram and is fast enough to take a load.

@dgtalent there is really not a reason to implement that as a hardcoded feature. You can create sql scripts for that and even automate when they run.

sorry more info:
KDS is currently running from playstore on a dedicated Android tablet. message server is believe is on a decent server but ill see if we can expand the ram. would it help to share those system stats?

I really appreciate the KDS app and its possibilities, very much hoping the second version will introduce some reporting aspects and a little more control. any timeframe for when the second version ships?

I don’t have a date but we plan to look at it soon.

giving that the “known” bugs in the app is slowing the system overall, maybe it is better to uninstall it for now.