KDS Time inconsistancies

Hi All.

We have two KDS screens but we are finding that the ticket times displayed on the tablets are inconsistent, sometimes an order will arrive with 2 mins + already on the clock even if the order was only recently sent. in addition, the updates to the KDS screen seem quite Laggy.

has anyone experienced this and found a fix?

for reference, all machines are on a dedicated high-capacity Wifi network and the clock times are exactly aligned.

finally, has anyone found a way to have different timed colour changes on different KDS screens? (our bar KDS has different time limits from our Kitchen)

Thanks for any tips you all have!

Are you using the mobile KDS app or a custom entity screen?

The way the kds app timer works is when ticket is created not when its submitted. So if a waiter was to open a ticket and then take a long time to submit the order it could come in with time already showing. We will probably evaluate that and change how that works. But you should know that if you are using that app.

Thanks for the clarification. Then do you think the next release of KDS will ship?

@Jesse I am curious, what made SambaPOS team make this design choice? Using ticket created time/date instead of time of “oldest” submitted order.

When vast majority of SambaPOS users are Restaurants - not fast-food outlets. Meaning every new order is likely to be submitted from already existing table/ticket instead of new ticket.

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Thats an interesting point. So in a restaurant, order desserts after mean and display would show 1hr or something due to already having ordered and eatern starters and mains.

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@Posflow we definitely missed that as something that should be obvious. No excuse this definitely should have been obvious to us and we missed it. Our team is young but very smart and hungry. We will correct it.