Keyboard button to open native Windows touch keyboard

Someone showed me another POS software today and something caught my eye and had to request this feature for SambaPOS the moment I saw it!

It is full screen, you click the keyboard icon and it opens the native Windows 10 touch keyboard.

Can we have the option to do this in SambaPOS? I’d suggest rather than change something many already like with the built in SambaPOS keyboard, but add the option to allow the keyboard button in bottom left to invoke the Windows touch keyboard instead of the SambaPOS one?


@VehbiEmiroglu is this straightforward to do? I also appreciate this may only be supported in Windows 10 and Windows 8?

There are many benefits to this. We usually have some customers having to use an overlay button to invoke the Windows touch keyboard because they need that for foreign language input, for example Chinese input where the Windows touch keyboard IME supports handwriting input. Without setting the overlay button in Windows, which no matter where you place it it’s going to obstruct something at some point, there is no easy way to display the Windows touch keyboard without using a mouse or physical keyboard to access the button from the Windows taskbar.


I never tried it but I am guessing running an osk.exe process would work?

Would need hardcoding for other bits of navigation screens I think.

No it’s not OSK. OSK is an accessibility feature and AFAIK it doesn’t support all the IMEs. It’s also quite inflexible from the few times I’ve had to use it.

On screen keybaord

What is happening here with this software is it’s triggering the Windows touch keyboard to show. That is, same as clicking the touch keyboard icon on the taskbar.


What about TabTip.exe? Haha

Ill try when I get on my laptop

Actually that does nothing on my system. What is is supposed to do?

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink\TabTip.exe


When I just run TabTip.exe nothing happens.

Anyway, its good that works but we need it to work from the native Keyboard button as usually on the POS screen is not where you need the keyboard - it is more so in Manage when adding products, etc.


It’s not problem but still most of customers run on Windows 7. So may be this can be an option.

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I think an optional command line can be added to the keyboard. If you can link it to a parameter in the locale settings, it is really would be good.

Maybe add a check box to enable ot or if the software can detect which windows version?

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Yeah this would be my preferred option. It’s only going to work on Windows 8 or above. As @VehbiEmiroglu says many customers still use Windows 7 where it can’t be supported and the existing SambaPOS keyboard works for those. But being able to support the Windows keyboard is better than the SambaPOS one. For us and I would say a lot of resellers, any new system being sold now is going to be Windows 10. We haven’t supplied a Windows 7 system for few years now - the license for Windows 10 is half the price also.