Keypad to selection product

Hi all, i would like to addd keypad control to make a products selection. Is this possible? If so how?

Could you explain what you looking to do?
Keypad will act the same as barcode that is you type whatever you set as product barcode and enter it will add that product…
Also believe if you have no products in a menu you can search products but never tried that.

FYI you posted in v4 forum, are you using v4?
Just v4 will not receive any further updates as v5 is the current version however they will quite likely be a solution to your request if my comment above doesn’t answer?

Thanks for response JTRTech.

Im testing in both versions. What i would like to do is for example map out a fast food menu numbering to the keypad. for example when i hit keypad 4 3 i get cocka cola or keypad 6 for tea etc etc.

Thanks JTRTech it worked.

something im working on is a retail setup, but you could use it the same for fast food, instead of the buttons i have you could make them all product buttons and have your full menu visible at the touch of a button. You can ignore my white buttons at the top and have all the smaller ones fill all the way up the screen linked to your products

The barcode would be the simplest option for you, should work well.