Kids Party Purchase

I just need to know if this is possible first before I even consider going down the route of attempting to create it.

The scenario:

Customer comes in and orders a birthday party for their childs 10th birthday party which will have 10 children total.


Click the Birthday Party Menu
Click Birthday Party
An option to choose food from a pop up selection (specific menu option)
Total Amount Added to Ticket


(I know this can be done) Auto Print Birthday Invites (x10 in this flow)

Then, on the day:

A popup reminding that there is a party this day.

Its a bit of a complex system, but its what ive been asked if its possible.

EDIT: Infact, I believe that this can be done via Order Tags and the printing done by using MenuItem rule

Itll be the popup at the end that may need some help with

Seems quite doable, But would need a bit of scripting. Have a go and let us know when you get stuck.

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First thoughts would be maybe a party entity with some custom fields and a script on work period start which loops the party booking entities for their values ie date and returns a list of parties - maybe with trailing values for no. children etc.

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For now ill get the party bookings set up and worry about the date thing after.

When I went through it with the owner it seemed like its actually quite easy t get the pricing.

Party Booking £0
Food Option £1.95 per child with a minimum of 4 Options selected and a minimum of 10 children. So set order tags with each option at £1.95 and then choose 10 or 12 or 15 x Party Booking. Thatll give us the price.

I don’t think there is a way of adding a date to it? I checked on the forum and the closest thing I could find was people saying that adding a date should be simple enough as there is a date function on Samba in the ticket lists.

I dunno, like I said, ill give it a bash and see when I get stuck.

The date for printing the invites? Just use a ticket tag.
Or if you did go down the entity route all the extra info could be custom fields :wink:

oh yeah, didn’t think of that… that’s an interesting thought I wanna give it a bash now, now!

Wow, whyd I never think of that damn lol

Also is probably a simple way to record the dates for the next part of the reminders.
Also potential in creating some form of upcoming part entity screen maybe… which might be more usefull that a popup for party today.

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Ok, so I created an action to create a new entity under “Birthday party” which consisted of [:Questions], created a product called “Birthday Party” then created a rule with the above actions. Then added a few questions [?Childs Name];[?Childs Age] so that when Birthday Party is selected it brings up a pop up of questions.

That flow works, but how do I make sure those questions actually go into the Entity Custom Fields? Is there a different way of putting the questions in the [:Questions] field?


Show your action…?
You need to load/select the entity after the creation to be able to update the custom fields.
Have a look at this rule;

Aha so I did 1 action for all of the questions, If I did each action for each question… because it did update the NAME and nothing else!

Ill give that a bash

Entity screens and accounts… thats how ill do it.

I rekon i could get this working within a hour (not now though as I have to go home!)

Thanks for edging my head in the right direction!


Use a remote desktop or VNC so you can work on stuff from home :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on if you have access to open ports on router :stuck_out_tongue: teamviewer if not :wink:

I did it quickly, probably in about 5 minutes… when I went to play with clients tills.

Simple, just edited the customer account scenario with additional fields. Would be good if the entity fields popped up auto, but ill get there i think.


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