Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink

#Entity Screen Design

:bulb: You will need to perform these steps 2 times. Once for Food (FoodDisplayTask) and once for Drink (BeverageDisplayTask).

Navigate to your Kitchen Display screen.
Right-click and choose Design Mode.
Right-click and choose Add Widget > Task Editor.
Click on the Task Editor Widget, then Right-click and choose Settings.

Configure the settings for the Task Editor Widget as shown.

:warning: Ensure you select a value for Task Type Name Value

Task Type Name Value (Food): FoodDisplayTask
Task Type Name Value (Drink): BeverageDisplayTask

Column Count (Food): 4
Column Count (Drink): 1

Task Commands (Food):

Select All Orders=Select All
Toggle Order=Toggle
Mark as Completed=Complete

Task Commands (Drink):

Select All=Select All

Duration Format (Food and/or Drink)

0-5: <color LightGreen><size 15>New Ticket</size></color>
5-10: <block 4 Yellow><color Black><size 15>  Order is <m:> minutes old  </size></color></block>
10-60:<block 4 red><bold><color white><size 15>  ATTENTION: <m:> minutes passed!!!  </size></color></bold></block>