Kitchen display changing color by touching the ticket

Hello everyone , I’m using "SambaposV5 and I would use in my restaurant when setup is finished . I’m building everything to use it on three terminals , a central cash money, one in the kitchen and one for remote use ( Tablet ) .I was wondering if after you have successfully configured the network and also the message server , if it were possible to use a sound ’ arrival of a new ticket in the kitchen . My other big wall that I hit it that I can not create a button in the kitchen display to understand when , in a split order in several courses was sent the first course . Should change color once in the kitchen on the touch screen is pressed the ticket . Would someone know direct me on how to do ?

There are a couple of good kitchen display tutorials…
I have seen a couple of threads about sound notifications so have a search and youll find it.
As for the course ‘progress’ I would expect you would use a ‘progress state’ or maybe tasks but not used tasks in any of my projects yet so not sure on there full potential.

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Patiently waiting for @QMcKay kitchen and customer display with GQL.
That would be easier to accomplish by html and css.


Okie dokie. Give me some time …


Still need to learn GQL, more examples would be greatly help :slight_smile:

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There are a lot of examples in my JS code. You can even copy the Queries and Mutations from the Browser Console and paste them into GraphiQL to runs them and change parameters, etc.


Many thanks to all for the answers. I work on tomorrow morning!

It is possible to create a button in the kitchen display which when pressed after selecting a ticket changes the color of the ticket in the kitchen display?

If you implemented the Customer display using Tasks and Task Printer, then yes. The Color of the Task Card is controlled by the Printer Template.

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If your using the older ticket lister tutorial you can define these colors via the widgets settings:

Notice Selected Background, Selected Foreground etc.


There are an action that changes the background color of a single task after pressing a button?