Kitchen Display Issue

Hello, I don’t know if this is a v5.3 glitch or If I’m doing something wrong (probably me doing something wrong).

I had a Kitchen Display with a Bump Bar installed at a location and it is updated upto v5.2.26 and it works very well. I am now trying to do a similar setup at another location, but when I go to clear a ticket it clears 2 at a time. And the widgets do not refresh automatically

Ill hit the #1 key on my key board to clear the first ticket and it clears the last one too,

And once I hit the entity button again to refresh the screen it will then disappear from the ticket list

Here is the kitchen display on v5.2.26

and after i hit the #1 key

Ive noticed something odd so ill share it.

On the 5.2.26 machine the orders clear normally but the recall has the double toggle issue

On the 5.3 machine the order double toggle and the recall functions normally.

I imported the entity screen from the 5.2.26 machine into the 5.3 machine and it function like it would. it clears orders correctly and has the issue in recall, (which is ok for now)

Just interesting and thought I would share