Kitchen Display Setup - PAID WORK

i currently have sambapos v5 setup on my till with local db.

i would like to add a secondary unit to be used as kitchen display.

if there is anyone who could do the above for me. please get in touch.


You can buy the kitchen display as a module from your reseller or from

would that also include the sql setup in order for kitchen display to work ?

SQL Setup is not the same thing. It would be a different charge. Step by step instructions are all you would need to do is run a backup of your database you have now on localdb save it somewhere you remember where it is. Follow that tutorial to setup and connect your system to sql server and then load the backup you saved through Database Backup in settings.

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Technically LocalDB is SQL Express and has the same database structure the difference is the engine is not run as a service. So if you shutdown SambaPOS it also shutsdown the SQL Server engine. That is why you need full SQL Express installed so the engine can run as a service on your main till.

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absolute legend.

thanks Jesse

I followed everything step by step.

however getting a connection error.

any ideas ?

Is proviewpos definatly your instance name? You show sambapos as password like tutorial but different name for instance name?

in the forum it says datasource should be “name of pc” so I imagined it would be the the name of the user account I was logged into on windows.

I just tried MSSQLSERVER as name aswell but no luck

Full data source would be hostname\instancename
You can get away with just host name given some conditions.
Did you also install MSSQL Manager when installing? If so confirm details by logging into db with that.

Did you not use the knowledgebase? The forum is outdated in that guide. The knowedgebase has every step. The forum skips quite a few. Please look at