Kitchen Display Setup

Do you know if there are any instructions on this forum on how I can do this?

Thank you

Hi guys, is it possible to have the description which shows up on the kitchen display, different to each button name / product name?

What do you mean by description?

Currently whatever I have named the button, shows on the kitchen display.
For example, if the button is called "Fish & Chips + Salad. The kitchen display shows “Fish & Chips + Salad”.

The problem is, we have buttons with a lot of text, just so we can have the right description on the kitchen display.

What I’m aiming for is a button which could say “Fish & Chips” and the kitchen display to show:

Fish & Chips

  • 5 x Fish Fillets
  • 15g Salad
  • 30g Chips

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you

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Can you show some screenshots?

That might give an idea

Hi @melroyg is this what you mean.

look at Questions about sub menu and would someone like to set one up for me


Hi Peter, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. I’ll have a look at it now.

This is the code I use for the display, will post some more later.

Table - {ENTITY NAME:Table}]
{ENTITY NAME:Customer}



J00:2- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|Void

– Format for order tags

I have created 4 buttons called Donnes but you could use 1 only one. Hope this help.

If I go to the POS screen and choose Beef Tenderloin , click to select the option.

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Hi Peter, you are a legend!

I’m going to take the weekend to have a play with this. Fingers crossed I get my head around it.

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Don’t forget the mappings.

Hi emre, this is exactly what I needed for the buttons. Thank you

I still can’t believe this software is free of charge.

I owe you a few drinks if you ever come to Esperance Australia.

@melroyg thank you very much. SambaPOS is a community project and a lot of amazing people contributed as much as I to bring SambaPOS to that level. I mean that will make a lot of free drinks lol.

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Hi,I am newbie here. Can’t find 4.1.17 in Sambapos download area. Oldest is V 4.1.25. Anyone know where I can get it to test Kitchen Database. Thanks.

@mamaspot Why would you want to use such an old version?

PS. nevermind its so you can try his prebuilt database? Just check the migrate on restore option and you should be fine with 4.1.82

PS2. You should probably try building a basic setup based on this tutorial. By following it and building your own rules you will get a better grasp of how it works and can support/identify issues quicker.


Hello John, I have same challenge. My email is Please forward DB to me also. Many Thanks

John has not been active in a very long time. Can you explain what your problem is so we don’t have to guess by reading really old posts.

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Th Kitchen Display DB is downloadable here.
Or otherwise use the Search Function for Kitchen Display and you will find a lot of info.

Hi Peter, I finally have some time to rebuild my Samba Menus. I’m trying to have a product name Such and Beef Burger and then on the kitchen display have each ingredient listed to build the burger (15g sauce, 20g lettuce etc.). My question is, where do I list all the ingredients, so that the ingredients are displayed on the kitchen display automatically when the cashier presses the button.