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I have recently installed SambaPOS4 at one of our outlets in Kuwait. I would luv to say it is a wow effect software. I am currently looking for a solution for the following:

I Installed the SambaPOS4 on POS Terminal and made it as a server, it serves 3 Remote Terminal Sessions, i.e.

1- POS Touch System
2- iPAD I
3. iPAD II
4. Kitchen Display (HP Touch SLATE)

The Cashier would always be sitting at the POS Touch System, this terminal can take orders and close the orders. Whereas iPAD I and II can only make the orders standing outside the Restaurant. I want as soon as the Cashier/iPAD I/iPAD II posts order it should show in the kitchen screen. (That screen should only be showing the status of the order) As soon as the order is finished one of the kitchen staff touch the button and that order clears from the screen.

I have tried to use different methods like reservations from the forum example but since I am very new I need sometimes to drill down whereas the restaurant I have to finish it really quickly.

Your help would really be appreciated. Waiting for your reply.

Thanks and Regards,

Waqas Ahmad

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Any luck any one on the issue…???

I have been working on this situation and have solution. It took a bit of work.

Message me your email and I will send it to you.
It is an SQL Express 2012 DB.

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my email is

awaiting db.

dear John,
i have same problem with ahmad, can you also send to me john? my email is or,
thanks before,

Dear JohnS,

It’ll be of great help if you could share your set up for a Kitchen Display. I’m very interested in this feature and would appreciate if you could direct me to right path.

Again Thanks for all your help.

Send me your email address. We can’t attach zip files to posts.

JohnS, Thanks for your prompt response my email is or

Again thanks for your help. (9.1 KB)

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JohnS, It works great a beautiful clean concept. Only two small details

  1. When a Customer is selected, it won’t identify the customer on the ticket at Kitchen Entity Screen.
  2. When Order Ready Selected Ticket will disappear from Customer Entity Screen.

Everything else just amazing, You all are doing an incredible job on the development of Samba POS 4.

Thanks for the hard work and the sharing of you knowledge an expertise.

1… The workflow is based on Tables not Customers. You can add {ENTITY NAME:Customer} to the ticket format in the widget.
2… Again, because the workflow is based on Tables and not Customers.

This setup was designed around a Restaurant with Tables.

Changes needed to track Customers.
1… Kitchen Entity Screen Widget.
On Kitchen Entity Screen, Enter Design Mode, Select Widget, Select Settings->Format

<T>Table - {ENTITY NAME:Table}


[<T>Table - {ENTITY NAME:Table}]
[<C00>{ENTITY NAME:Customer}]

Exit Design Mode.

2… Edit Customer Tickets Entity Screen.
Manage->Entities->Customer Tickets->Entity List
Set Display State to Status
Set State Filter to New Orders,Order Ready,Unpaid,Delivered,Bill Requested

Now Customers status will show for all states used in this setup.
This will only work for payment at the end of the sale, for example a Restaurant. If payment is taken during ordering, then the Ticket will not appear on the Kitchen Screen, and the Ticket is closed.

Is there a better way to handle all this? Maybe, but I only put this together as a demo for a Restaurant situation.

I will work on this over the next week or two, to see if I can make the workflow better.

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Please let me know if additional features needed for better workflow.

Thanks for the explanation now it makes a lot of sense, And Thanks for your hard work!!!


It means we can use Kitchen Display monitor in V4?

It’s a simplified kitchen monitor to handle complete orders only.

Latest Kitchen Display setup.

This includes the updates for tracking Customers the same as Tables via the Customer Tickets Entity Screen. (987.1 KB)

As I have mentioned, I will work on an improved workflow over the next few weeks.


I think we have all that is needed to make it better.
This first attempt was some what of a quick hack to prove the concept.
The next version will have a better defined workflow and better handling of ticket states.


@JohnS after restoring the new workflow database I am getting an error message check database version on version 4.1.18. I tried deleting the file in the ProgramData\SambaPOS\SambaPOS4\SambaSettings.TXT but not helped. Any solutions…???

Thanks and Regards,

Syed Waqas Ahmad

The Kitchen Database was made on 4.1.17.
All you need to do when you get this error is reinstall SambaPOS 4.1.18 so it can update the database.

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hello there,
i am new to sambapos
i have tried to follow your instruction but i failed to see these option starting from below:

  1. Go to Kitchen Entity Screen to see orders. (where to find kitchen entity screen?)
  2. When meal is ready, select order and click Order Ready. Order disappears.
  3. Table colour changes to Green.
  4. Wait staff deliver order, then select table and click Delivered.
  5. Table colour changes to Blue.
  6. If you order more, go back to step 1.
  7. When bill is printed, Table colour changes to Dark Red
  8. When bill is paid, Table colour is White (Available).
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