Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Hi Everyone, Hope this note finds you well!

I Have setup a kitchen display and Delivery Screen (Gloria Food Online Order Integrations)

i need to do some tweaks so need suggestions and recommendations.

Screenshot 1 shows the ticket in KDS and duplicating the time for each modifier. Just want to set it so that it shows for the overall ticket only.

02. Ticket Details not shown
Screenshot 2 does not show the ticket details. (I have seen somewhere on the forum code that I need to change in ticket settings) can someone kindly paste the code so that the ticket shows the details along with the name and time

Screenshot 3 In KDS when I click order delivered it takes me to the ticket area and then I need to close the ticket to go back to the kDS. instead i want it to stay on the KDS screen or any other suggestions will be highly appreciated

Screenshot 4 & 5 I have multiple departments (Pickup, Delivery etc). When i punch the ticket information it always go the Delivery Waiting Screen even though i am entering from Pick Up Department or assigning it to any table. I want it to go to PickUp side instead so i can close it out directly. Right now every order i have to assign to the rider to close the ticket (unless i am closing from the KDS or Customer Tickets Screen).

Any Help, suggestions, recommendations will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Farrukh_Shah,

Do you want it to be seen like in the below image for the questions 1 and 2?

Hi @Nizam. Yea please. Exactly like this

Hello @Farrukh_Shah,

If you can provide me your Anydesk Id via PM, I can try to help you about the issues.

Just sent you for Server and KDS as well. Thanks a lot for your help!

Thank you @Nizam for the help specially after office hours… much appreciated!

Is there a way to send tickets to Pick Up Screen only from specific departments? for example you fixed it so that every new ticket will come in pick up screen. but some customers will call and place an order for Delivery… in that case i want the ticket to go to waiting so i can assign to the rider. i have multiple departments… is there a way to send tickets from specific department to specific screen?(Pick up or Waiting) depending on the ticket type. Pick Up or Delivery!

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Thanks again for the help!

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I am able to fix and now ticket is showing in delivery waiting screen but its coming on Pick Up Screen as well. Just need to restrict the ticket so that any ticket from delivery department shall not come to the pickup screen. i have defined the ticket type as Delivery Ticket in Delivery Department.

@VehbiEmiroglu Hi Dear… Can you check or advise? all new orders are going to pickup state. even though i have not selected Delivery Department in mapping. All new tickets are duplicating (for delivery department)

Can you show your ticket lister settings under Pickup Orders?

HI @Scott here it is

… not sure but i am unable to to tweak the new ticket rule…image even i set up the constrain to match ticket type it still pulls out the ticket from delivery state… i have tried mapping department as well. but no luck!

all new orders are going to pickup state. even though i have not selected Delivery Department in mapping. All new tickets are duplicating (for delivery department)

This is because, in your automation, every ticket created is assigned the “Pickup Status” ticket state. In the ticket lister setting, you will see that you are filtering for the State “Pickup Status” so every ticket that has “Pickup Status” in their state will show up in that ticket lister.

You will need to consider and reconfigure your state flows and make sure you assign a different state value to non delivery tickets.

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Can you show me example where i can send the new ticket to waiting screen only when it comes from delivery department…(currently it goes to both)