Kitchen Display Tickets reappear

Hello all,

My problem is that even if you “send” orders or toggle completed tickets when you refresh then old tickets randomly appear, even yesterdays tickets.

coffee tickets

Im using this Task Printer setup to display kitchen tickets.

You made a mistake setting it up. Go through and compare tutorial again.

Hello Jesse,

Some details: I did the setup years ago and it has been running fine, this is a problem that started recently, the other entity screens for different kitchen departments (bar, pizza, kitchen) also show old tickets occasionally (rarely), but not as frequent as the barista coffee screen which has the most tickets of any department.

I rebuild indexes and auto-sized under the maintenance screen tab, ended work periods and the like hoping it would sort it self out (not knowing if it actually did any good) But the problem exists as soon as we get busy, almost like there is a backlog or wrong date on one of the pc’s (did check for it)

I’m running a separate Server with multiple pc’s for each department. To my knowledge we have not edited or made any changes to the coffee entity screen or the ticket task viewer.

Thank you

Check the widget settings. Make sure it’s set correctly. Also check your automation. Is it actually marking it complete.