Kitchen display tickets

When a starter is ordered and then during the process of making the meal, there are more orders added (mains, desserts) the chef can not “Order Ready” the ticket as there might be items like main meals or desserts ordered that are not supposed to go out.

Is there a way to make tickets individual, like starters and kid meals are processed on separate tickets on the kitchen display?

Can you separate meals like sandwiches and desserts to go to another ticket even another entity?


I’m not sure of there is a better way, but we open a new ticket.
So we take the drink order, than we close and add new ticket for the appetizer, and next order automatic create a new ticket for mains or desserts. Th Kitchen can handle this very well to confirm order ready.
Only if the client likes to pay we have to merge the tickets.

The second question I don’t grab,
Can you separate meals like sandwiches and desserts to go to another ticket even another entity?
For this is more explanation needed what you mean.

You can filter orders in Ticket Lister by course.

Thanks kendash possible I can also learn from this.

Take a look at this. You can modify the idea to fit your situation.

Basically when you order ready it will change the state of the order to ready which clears it from screen. If new courses or orders added to same ticket those orders will popup on the ticket lister. You can clear those when ready as well.

You could take it a step further and even create multiple Ticket Listers one for each course. Filter the listers for their specific course and only those courses show up there. You set it to show Unpaid ticket Status and Kitchen Order status.

When courses come in it shows them in their specific ticket lister you can clear orders one by one… it will not affect other courses.

Hmm not sure you have added the right topic because this is RDP clients

I will show an example of what I mean. It sounds complex but its really not.

Problem 1

a table orders starters, mains & desserts. starters are ready to send but chef cant press order ready ticket just for the starters without the main and desserts disappearing from the ticket. (thank you for your input Peter but your method of creating many bills for a single table, is a missed payment waiting to happen)

Problem 2

whenever a meal is added to a ticket, the time:{TICKET STATE MINUTES:Status} minresets to zero, so large table where many items are added all the time the chef doesn’t know how long the first order in the table has taken.

hope this explains better.

I will show you an example of what I explained in a few minutes its simple setup but it takes some time.

BTW you dont have to Order Ready entire Ticket you can specify Orders which is part of what I explained hopefully I can finish an example soon.

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Ok so I have created another entity screen to separate order by different departments in the kitchen like we started to discuss earlier in this post.

It is so much better than before, just to explain to people trying to replicate: I have two kitchen screens, one separates orders by table and another screen separates into department, like starters and main and desserts. this has helped my kitchen tremendously and I suggest you guys try it out it was easy to do.

To sort by kitchen department:

But what I need now is to separate tickets by order numbers in the “order filter” what would be the right wording?

Thank you.

Hi Kendash, Stephan, much appreciated that this subject is mentioned, Yes I know that I create many tickets, but those are all on the same table so no payment problems. As I’m just a view month working with SambaPOS I still have to learn and improve, but for this moment I have a 300% more working POS system as I can get here in Vietnam.
True the help of our Leaders and the forum, sure we will resolve this issue, or change to a better solution.
Will follow close and hope that we can achieve results soon.

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