Kitchen display wierd thing on top

Hello there,

I am following this turorial for the kitchen display the good @QMcKay was kind to write

But i got no idea it appear on top of the screen: Table Customer Color and then the boxes under. Any ideas how to make them go away??

Also trying to find out if there is a way to do the following. Instead of having multiple card per item, combine the items from that table into one card when submitted, but if customer orders more food before the first order is ready to have it on a different card??.

Also wanted to ask, what is the functionality of the Toggle Order?
Right now when we mark an order as completed it turns gray but stays on the screen forever. is there a way to remove it from this screen once completed??

Thanks for all your help and time


was able to get rid of them, easy fix. Sorry didnt read the important part.

Still if you guys have any ideas about my other issues would be much appreciated.

That already answered here.

Toggle Order does the same thing with Mark as Completed button but it can mark completed cards as uncompleted. You can prefer to display one of them according to your needs.

That allows you to un-complete cards if it completed mistakenly. It will disappear when you start a new work period. For next updates I’ll implement something to make completed cards disappear after a certain time period.

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Thanks @emre for clarifying all my doubts

I got another problem trying to get my Beverage display working. Kitchen display works just fine but on beverage display nothing shows up. I checked twice following the tutorial but cannot find my mistake

Well same here Kitchen Display for food is working fine but for Bevrages its not showing any orders. Can anyone help plz?

Cannot help when you give no information.

Already sorted. Thanks for your quick reply. @QMcKay