Kitchen Order Printing Twice

By default my kitchen orders print to the kitchen printer after the customer has paid and I have settled the bill in the system. When I put an order on hold it prints the order to the kitchen printer. When I finally settle the order bill, the order is printed again to the kitchen. I just want the order to the kitchen once. How can I set it up as such? Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Check your printers. Go to ticket printer and make sure you didnt select your kitchen printer in there. Also check all of your print jobs and rules and actions that carry out the printing. Just a matter of checking all of that your issue is in there for sure.

You set it to print on payment. So you should expect it to print on payment. You should probably use states to determine if it should print or not. I mean it could change to Printed state if it already printed and on payment it would check that state to determine if it needs to print or not