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@Jesse I was looking at this issue too i thought adding constraints should do the job if you can assist in shedding some lights on how to use this
Cash button too print to the kitchen and the cashier printer I wasnt sure if those buttons are programmed to print automatically or is there some thing I m missing here

so for example we only using cash so when we hit settle and then all then hit cash it prints to the kitchen and the cashier is that what it suppose to happen ?

I looked at the cash mapping but i didnt see any thing different or strange

(Kitchen Order Printing Twice):

OK. Can you please explain your issue in detail from the beginning? I couldn’t understand what you’re asking.

If you’re trying to print automatically on payments check How to automatically print bill after payment received? section of this tutorial.

Well mainly I need to create a button that has does exit to the main resturant tables screen because close button keeps printing twice
we are about to go to production so we appreciate your assistance in this
the scenario to explain it more

  1. customer orders items
  2. cashiers put it on the systems then hit close to send it to the kitchen
  3. another cashier clicked on the table to view the orders if they want to get out of the order screen then the only way is to hit close which will cause it to print again instead I would like to have exit button so when some one views the orders after the clikc the table where the customer sits to exit to the order screen to the tables entity screen

I wanted to know what actions that will return it back to the main resturant tables screen without printing again or using close button

I kinda got the mapping of automation commands rules and actions but I m still learning i really hope you advise me on this
Some of these default actions such as close and settle needs some studying or I m not sure if they hard coded

You obviously mess up the flow. We don’t know what you did. You can just remove action exec kitchen orders print job from Ticket Closing Rule. It should not print order to kitchen AT ALL.

If you have v5, it should be easier to debug this with Rule Debugger.

Like this so, you can see what rule exec that print job.

Actually, I think you messed up the order state. Kitchen printer only print once when state is NEW.

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Default SambaPOS installation works like that.

  1. Customer orders items. New added order’s state is NEW.
  2. When you close new items sends to kitchen and changes their state from NEW to SUBMITTED.
  3. Additional orders will have NEW state and they also become SUBMITTED after printing to kitchen.
  4. Clicking Close does not print to kitchen if there are no new orders.
  5. Clicking Print Bill button prints Ticket from Ticket Printer.

So you somehow changed that workflow without knowing. We allow it. This is why SambaPOS is interesting because you can change default behavior to align it to your workflows. For example you can customize it to track delivery state or kitchen preparation state etc…

The best thing you can do is installing SambaPOS default database to somewhere else and compare it to your configuration to be able to figure out what you’ve changed and why it behaves like that.

@AhmedKamal Yes you are right accidentally this is what happened thanks for the prompt support and assitance

once we go production and we put all things together we are planning to move to version 5