Kitchen print problem

I have a Cafe but i have tow different section ( Kitchen Section - Bar Section ) and I have tow category in my menu (Foods - Drinks )
I want Kitchen printer print all category in individual ticket
Food Category in ticket
Dinks Category in ticket

See Configuring Bar Items section of this tutorial.

but how to make bar printer print the drinks order only and the kitchen print the food orders only

@hazem_zezo Spend some time search this topic has many posts good luck

There are a few ways but default method is print job mapping.
Its well documented on the forum.

can any one help me in print Job Mapping topics

There is kitchen printing example in emre’s link!!!
Kitchen printer setup is pretty much setup already you just need to map the product/product group in the kitchen print job.
Printing to the bar is the same principle but different printer and products etc.

ok but i want a topic i can read it and try it please

scroll down to printing to kitchen!

LOL @hazem_zezo the irony! If you would read the post Emre provided you would see the solution and you could try it.

Its Work Thank you Guys