Kitchen Print with BOLD for Section Items

So thought id just share this idea.
We are going live with tablets and kitchen printers next week and just cleaning up templates for kitchen prints.
There will be 2 kitchen printers, one on hot pass and another in cold/sandwich section.
Rather than just print items only applicable to that section I wanted to print all kitchen orders to both printer but add emphasis to the section items allowing for easier reading in seeing that sections items more obviously and easier syncing between sections with less shouting back and forth ‘whats going out with this’, hot usually leading timing can clearly see what cold section items are with that ticket and visa versa.

So the kitchen printing is setup using custom item tag of ‘Kitchen Print’ which is set to a Print/Printed state rather than using status which allows for the hold ticket setup on my switch user flow (not forced to print on ticket close).
That is applied based on Kitchen Print tag not being null.
Then in this field is filled with the section name ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ or ‘Hot,Cold’ or any other value.
I then use turnary expression in template to render EB and DB (enable and disable bold) arround order lines matching configeration.


Using .indexOf the ternary expression checks if the item tag field contains the listed value (if it doesnt index of returns -1 so >-1 is a match/contains. Added or for special state == true to highlight specials as default as change daily so section may flick back and forth and my custom daily specials setup is managed from pos so changing item tags is not shown.

Soup is Hot, Smoked Slalmon is special
Gratin is Hot,Cold
Pork Cold
Salmon Fillet is special
Toffe putting not set
chhese board set to cold
B&B pudding is Hot
Y is from old configuration which was originally going to be a single printer.

Oh, ignore the salad tag of soup, LOL was testing something else earlier and need to remove from menu auto tag field.


Thought I would add another ternary expression to show ‘ROOM SERVICE’ nice and big if there is a room selected but no table (as just having a room selected doesnt mean its room service just that the table is staying).



Would be bigger on actual print.

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Great use of Ternary expressions here.

Very useful.

Thanks for sharing

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