Kitchen Printer doesnt print

I have installed 2 printers under v4. One is per usb for ticket, it is working well. The other one is per network. Printer is correctly installed, from windows it prints.
I use the same template and i added same rule and action for second printer. This one doesnt want to print. Printers names are correctly given under printer setting. What i am doing wrong?

Its not a shared networked printer is it? Show your Printer setting in Sambapos.

Not shared printer, just it uses network port to connect. Both printers are only for a Pc with sambapos.

Can you show your printer settings in Sambapos.

Setting- Printers



Also show print job and print action.
Also where you have put the action in the rule.
Have you used default kitchen print rules etc?

Is it the brother printer that won’t print? You may need to set it to windows printer

Hello JTRTech
I send you some new infos about this problem.


So it’s not default rule then.
Kitchen print by default as you’ll see in action only prints new orders.
I would put money on it being that your using print bill button on an already submitted ticket - is orders are not new.
Did you remove the default kitchen print rule on before ticket closing event?

Need to print the same ticket with printer in the kitchen and the other one for customer. I have just added under “Print Bill Rule”.

It seems to be wrong… No reaction:)

Printer on my desk is printing perfectly

Yes but if your pressing print bill on a ticket with no new orders (ticket has already been closed that kitchen print action won’t pick up any orders as they will be submitted not new.
If you login as admin you will see the order status under each order.
Have a check.

I have removed “Execute Kitchen order Print Job” under Print Bill Rule and followed Emre’s Printing tutorial. Emre has this

and I have this. It is maybe reason?