Kitchen printer font size

I would like to increase font size on the kitchen printer , could someone please write me the tag that I need to input in the kitchen order printer template? Thanks

<L00>Table:{ENTITY NAME:Table}
<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}


<J00>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

<L00> for ESC/POS
L is left
C is center
R is right
0 is normal size.
1 is double size.
Don’t remember which one is hight or width. Just play with it.

Sorted it out with <L10>

You can also read more about all formatting tags available here:

These pretty much work on most thermal receipt printers. However, from my experience, some impact (dot matrix) printers like those used in kitchen sometimes ignore some of the tags. To get different sized text on those you sometimes will have to study the command reference manual for the printer and send the XCT commands before the line to print different sizes.


Not worked with them much but many support dual color ribbons which defiantly need an xct code to shift the ribbon/change the color.

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