Kitchen printer is spliting the receipt into two bills


Whenever I send orders to kitchen printer it always splits orders into two different tickets, the orders are not combined for some reason


Do you have multiple print jobs/actions?
It’s hard to guess your issue with limited info given…


yes I have multiple print jobs , 2 kitchen printers, 1 bar and 1 receipt printer.
I have 2 kitchen printers templates with their own print jobs and actions.
1-Send orders to Kitchen 1 Print jobs with its own Kitchen printer template
2-Send orders to Kitchen 2 print jobs with its own kitchen 2 printer template

Bar printer only getting drinks with its own template and print job and action.

in my Product tag editor I have three Kitchen groups: Starters, Mains and desserts and each item is assigned its kitchen group.

I also have a group key printer code in the templates to print those kitchen groups accordingly.


So what are you expecting to happen? Starters to one printer main to the other?


Sorry no I have all orders going to both printers, technically kitchen printer template 1 is a replica of kitchen printer template 2
all orders are going to both printers, and its working fine , I have a menu for example Mains Starters Desserts are categories but i also have Kids Menu (KM) with its own sub categories: Mains Starters and desserts as well, but all products are divided to three specific kitchen groups: MAINS STARTERS and DESSERTS.

The problem is if I order from the Normal Category : Main and starter and then from Kids menu subcategory Main and Starter it will not combine the order even though they share the same Kitchen group.

if i order
Kids Menu Main
Kids Menu Starter

it will print it in two different tickets , each printer will print the same, this way:

Item ordered
item ordred
Item ordered
item ordered

and the rest of the order (the sub categories) in a following receipt:

Item Ordered
Item Ordered
Item ordered

same as in the photos of the receipts below:kitchen%20r


You going to need to show some screenshots I’d say…


Please find attached the screenshots1236547

We just took off the desserts of the print jobs as im working to send desserts to a seperate printer at the Pastry’s chef’s desk

any advise is appreciated, just your time is appreciated @JTRTech , You already are more than helpful :slight_smile:


And the printers and print jobs?


ill be back next to the till in 30mins but if this helps the printers are set up same way:
ticket printer
kitchen printer
kitchen 2 printer
Bar printer

the print jobs are simply each group code is being sent to the approproate printer using the appropriate printer template , all the print jobs are sending to printer normally with no issues except for the issue i have which is the orders are being sent over two tickets instead of all combining.

if this doesnt help ill send screenshots in a while



hey sorry for the delay
please find attached screenshots



Show configuration for Print Job Print Orders to Kitchen 2 Printer


Can you please press print screen and send screenshots not shakey pictures of the screen? Also for templates copy and paste the templates here then highlight them and press the </> button. After print screen you can paste it with control + v buttons