Kitchen printer problem

I am using 6 kitchen printer with 5 categories i need 1 extra printer using all categories can you help me please.

If you have setup 6 printers already surely you have the skills to add another?
You’ll need to setup printer obviously and if nothing else create new print job and action etc for it mapped to all you need to print.
Not overly specific answer but you haven’t given much detail.

5 printer is good working but number 6 printer is not working

So you have already setup and not working, that’s a start with information, you question doesn’t suggest you have even started…

Can you show your setup screenshots for you 6yh printer.

Ok I’ll show you screenshots

And joksr is the one that’s not working?
Add your 6 printer in Windows then in samba.
Then add a mapping like with a star for group

Printer is working but print ticket is not good like.

If its same template I doubt its a Samba problem but more likely a printer problem.
What printer is it and what port type?

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