Kitchen Printer Template

Few questions about Kitchen Printer Templates:

  1. Can people post some screenshot of the different examples for Kitchen order tickets trying to get a idea of different ways this can look like.

  2. Can you split kitchen tickets… like only print 3 orders max on a ticket so that they dont get like really long if its like 6 orders or more on a ticket. Like Ticket 1 of 3 or whatever to keep it from being a foot long ticket lol.

This is for a sit down dinner style restaurant with a big menu with many items and sometimes parties can be 8 people or more. With appetizers and many sides.

Havnt seen anyone do a 1 of x like that before but perhaps maybe look at splitting on course to reduce size which could be done using jobs and templates.

Only way I can imagine splitting like you sugest would be splitting using print selected orders but not sure exactly how that would work. In my case where I group by course however I wouldn’t want for example 1st ticket to have 4 starters and 1 main then seccond ticket to have 5 mains and last ticket to have 1 main and 2 deserts if every person haddnt had an equal number of starters mains and desserts hence throught of splitting on course - perhaps with an automation flow to split once total food orders larger than x lines or something.

Since you mentioned grouping… dont know much about it but seen it a few times on some of the threads… what if i group the orders? … if its 4 orders or more it creates a group called ticket 1… then the next group ticket 2 and so on… not sure if thats possible but if it is could you print groups on tickets? We dont have courses so wondering if that would work.

Have you tried messing with printer driver properties in Windows? I can imagine that setting page dimensions could do the trick.

Hmm, If its set to 80mm x 297mm that means its only going to print orders to that length then it will start over on a new page?

I don’t know, it was just an idea. Give it a try and let us know :wink:

To answer your questions, yes you can make it print 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc. IT requires some thought and planning though. There is no way for it to detect if its a LONG ticket or not…

In my experience with restaurants you would never break down tickets like that unless you have specific need. If you do that then you will start having a complexity of keeping orders in sync with tickets and tables. Most restaurants that do this have stations they send the different tickets too. Fry station gets all fried foods, grill gets grill foods, and then the line gets the full ticket to check off.

It sounds to me like you could benefit from kitchen screen that lets you mark off orders within a ticket.

Yea I definitely thought of that. For now going to start off with the printer and see how it goes for big orders and if it ends up being too much then ill revisit the kitchen display idea… Id like to see some picture of how people have setup their kitchen display monitors in the kitchen to see how and where they are placing them on the line for viewing orders.

I have a food order state for other bits and summary on receipt.
As jessie said this type of split is not common for sync etc and have never known a chrg who would prefer it that way.
However a report order qty expression would likely be a method.
I use this for an automated covers prompt that cojnds mains orders and prompts asking if covers is x based on that rather than just asking.
Using similar expression you could theoretically split printing flow to trigger seperate prints if more that say 6 mains to print courses seperatly.
Personally I definatly would be keen on splitting a course like msind over multiple prints.