Kitchen template sorting orders


I am using the below template

<J00>Date:{TICKET DATE}|Time:{TIME}


[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:Course:Starter,Main,bread & rice,Desserts]
<C11>** {GROUP KEY}  **

<J10>{QUANTITY} x {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     [=(TN('{ORDER TAG QUANTITY}') > 1 ? ' {ORDER TAG QUANTITY}x ' : '    ')] {ORDER TAG NAME}

-- Table entity format
<C11>Table: {ENTITY NAME}

-- Customer entity format
<C11>Customer: {ENTITY NAME}
<C00>Phone: {ENTITY DATA:Phone} 

My question is how do I define “[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:Course:Starter,Main,bread & rice,Desserts]”

Where do I need to do to group orders this way and tag products like this?

I have used product tag but the products do not show in order.

You grouped by order state? I couldn’t understand how it relates with product tags.

Better show us the issue on a ticket.

Okay hence the confusion.

In the above template how do I group the orders as in starters, mains etc?

Do I use the groupe code here “[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:Course:Starter,Main,bread & rice,Desserts]”

My order items are not grouped as per starters, mains and drinks.

But where are the orders getting their course states?

I do similar but use a product custom tag like your kitchen field.
Then have a rule for order added which applies the tag to the order as a kitchen course state.
Also make sure case is correct as most things are case sensitive (bread & rice)

Product Group (GroupCode), Product Tag (ITEM TAG), Custom Product Tag (PRODUCT TAG) and Order States are all different things.

Notice the word STATE in there? You have not defined a State. Have a look at this: