Kitchen ticket number incremented before order issued

I used this tutorial to add ticket number to each ticket sent to kitchen. This helps the cook know which table to serve first. Sometimes a waiter presses the wrong table first or the table doesn’t have any kitchen orders. The ticket number should increase only when a kitchen ticket is printed.

Any help appreciated,

So the number (ORDERNUMBER) tagged to the ticket is being incremented everytime a ticket is created. In our restaurant’s case, it’s everytime a customer sits at a table and orders something.

Sambapos is going incrementing the number everytime an order is issued, even if it’s not a kitchen order, or even if a waiter enters a table and exits without ordering anything.

I’d like to restrict this further so that the number is incremented only when an order is issued to the kitchen. Meaning everytime the Kitchen Orders Template is printed. Is there such a trigger? Order Printed with a restriction on template == something.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

If you only need the number to increment when a new order is sent to the kitchen, what actually tells SambaPOS that there is a new order ?

Ticket Status.

Change the Give Ticket Number Rule from Ticket Created event to Before Ticket Closing
Add a custom constraint {TICKET STATE:Status} equals New Orders

ok, that fixes the issue with ORDERNUMBER being incremented. but I’d like to further restrict this to orders only being sent to the kitchen.

That is when the print order to kitchen printer is evoked. Your constraint {TICKET STATE:Status} equals New Orders doesn’t show in the dropdown menu of constriants by the way, is that normal?

Kitchen orders will only print when there are New Orders. Since there is no way to link to the print job execution you need to to use the constraint above.

That constraint will not show in the drop down because it’s a printer tag so we can get the Ticket State.


Ended up in the same Issue.
Would like the counter created on above mentioned tutorial to only increase to a selected group of products in my menu or order tag.
@slabos, did you found a workaround?


EDIT: I think i found a solution. Changed Give Ticket Number rule from Before Ticket Closing to Order Tagged and added Custom Constraint to my products, working fine until now, im gonna test if it ill reset after finish word period, and if void/cancel or other things may conflict with it.

EDIT 2: well adding multiple orders tags on same ticket and the counter jumped from 5 to 11 :[
Guess each order tag ups the counter in same ticket.

I already try everything. I can’t find a solution. Anyone know how to solve the order number only increase when we use the kitchen printer?

Hi there,

Ooo… it’s been a year since I posted this. I still haven’t solved the issue yet. I forgot what it was actually.

But I do know what’s causing this. Basically, when you press on a table number, a ticket is opened. Even if you didn’t actually order anything. The ticket counter is incremented as soon as you press Close the red button.

How to solve this? The rule should increment the counter only if you actually ordered something. If you just open the table by mistake, or place an order and then cancel it, counter should not be incremented.

well… in this case i just solved the issue !! Ok, I’ll fix and write back if fix works. I just have to trace where the order count is being incremented.

I guess this rule should be fixed ? What constraint should I add?

could you do {ORDERS} greater than 0?

or {ORDER NO} whatever the syntax is?? check the dropdown box

Nothing like this in the dropdown box.

Where’s the reference for custom constraints ?

It does not have to be in the dropdown to use it. Simply type {ORDERS} in the box.

If you are looking for the Quantity of Orders, then use {QUANTITY}, just like you would do in a Printer Template.