Kurulum desteği için firma + registration hatası vol 2

i am writing this in a new topic because i can not reply to the post i created nor i can not reply to anyone
also i can not send any private message to anyone… thanks for this “perfect” feature. :)) wow you can create a topic but you can not answer it… why? because i am a new user… new user can create a topic but can not reply it… nice…

emre teşekkür ederim cevabın için,
kusura bakma 2. bir topic açmak zorunda kaldım. ürün harika, herşey güzel, lakin sıfırdan başlayan ve tecrübesiz kullanıcılar için bir startup guide yok.
1 tane best practice videosu olsa, yani bir restoran yada bar sıfırdan başladığında nereden başlayıp kuracak bilgisi olsa, o bile yeterli olur.
keza türkiye şartlarında, bildiğin gibi çoğu firma birileri ile muhattap olmak istiyor. çünkü bu konu bizim ana işimiz değil, bu bir araç, bu aracı nasıl kullanacağımızı biri öğretmeli. google da bir sürü firma kurulum ile ilgili hizmet verebileceğini söylüyor. 24 senelik yazılım geçmişime göre, %90’ı palavra yada üçkağıtçı olduğunu söyleyebilirim.
dolayısı ile güvenilir birileri lazım destek için… ve bu destek için benim gibi bir sürü firma ücret ödemeye de hazır.

on the other hands, dear kendash:

  • you are expert on your software, and dont think that all restaurant and bar owners have IT Skills or have IT departments.
  • this is not our primary business, we choose your application because we are very new on this business , so we dont know how to use it.
  • you forum is totally english and you may think most of your customers knows very good english
  • if you know where to start, so forum is a good start point , but if you dont know where to start or if you dont have any experience on this kind of software, then the forum is useless.
  • if you write down anywhere on your website about rdp or mobile, we can understand it easily. so we dont have to dig the forum. i wrote “rdp” because at last i learned that mobile part depends on “RDP”.
  • if you are selling a product, so you have to write a pretty , smart, easy step-by-step guide how to use it…
  • thank you for your screenshots, i also have that ability to take screenshots, but you missed the point… “this application is now a commercial application and need support phone/email/easy documentation”, i have a software house, and i am also in application development business. but whoever you are, if you dont know the main logic or concept of this application, you will feel stupid as i feel right now… you will have thousands of different customers, dont beg them to know good technical knowledge, forum use abilities, software installation-setup…
  • i hope you will create more “commercially and professional” website… now you have many websites, sambapos.org, sambapos.com, forum.sambapos.com, sambamarket etc etc… just search google “sambapos” and put yourself as a newbie… and see how you confused…
  • have a good time on your business…

serkan (at) smg.com.tr is my primary mail address, please e.m.r.e send a private message to me, becase i can not send any pm to anyone… :smile:

Few points for you;

sambapos.org = V3
sambapos.com = V4 & V5
forum.sambapos.com = forum for V4 & V5 hence sambapos.com
sambamarket.com = licence/module purchase site

kendash merely stated that the majority of forum users have English as 1st language and posting in English will get more responses

RDP is easily find-able on the forum in a search.
To be frank RDP is a windows service and the fact that there is tutorials on setting up on this forum is a bonus, other sites would simple link to a windows forum…

This point does get raised a bit however it is extremely difficult to write a full user manual as the main benefit to samba if how flexible and diverse it is however that same flexability means there is often 3-4 ways to do one thing.

This is a bit out of order, the forum is powered by discourse which is a widely used and very good forum software, any issues you might have had with restrictions on PM and number of responses are set within the forum software and not by emre, these restrictions apply to brand new users and once you read posts and build a discourse trust level you are allowed to do more on the forum, this is a highly review feature of discourse as it prevents spamming and junk etc.

I can understand your frustration, samba is a daunting program at first but it is incredibly simple once you build a basic understanding.
If you do not have time to build a bit of experience or do not want a affordable but extremely powerful software perhaps you might be better choosing an ‘off the shelf’ epos software.
I think if you are truly honest price is what brought you to samba…
It was what first drew me to it however after less than a year since first finding it I now have a strong side business selling refurbished till systems installed with samba.

Your comments about support etc are not particularly broad minded, for the level of support your sugesting other companies would be looking for £1000’s per year, the hotel I work at part time was paying over £450 per till per year for basic remote support, and your expecting email/phone support for a one off $99…

Although the language barrier is a fair hurdle this forum is better than support I have received from the previously mentioned epos software at allot higher price. Questions are usually answered within an hour or so and they aren’t the usual support type question but active improvement, discussion and help.


open www sambamarket com
register,now you are logged in… then go to homepage, press learn more, you will be redirected to sambapos dot com, now press “buy” :slight_smile: you will get:
Wow! Thank you for your interest on buying SambaPOS V4.
Sadly there is nothing to buy here. SambaPOS V4 is freeware and always remain free.

now there is no option to get back to sambamarket dot com from this point…
or lets look from reverse side…

  • get in sambapos dot com, click buy… you will again get
    Wow! Thank you for your interest on buying SambaPOS V4.
    Sadly there is nothing to buy here. SambaPOS V4 is freeware and always remain free.
    -or luckyly you found the setup of v5, install v5, try to activate (you just downloaded the app and you liked it), it will ask you a username and password. you entered anything… then guess what happened? :smile: nothing…

or try to download sambapos from sambapos.com, guess what? there is a download button… yeaaah… but it downloads v4… and there is “download older versions” link… click it… “older” but “newer” v5 is there… yeeey…

or get in www.sambamarket.com , very nice, i want to download…?? from where? no where… why? because there is no download section… now what… hmm lets search google… yeah there is sambapos.org, get in… hmm… this is v3, ok drive back, sambapos.com yeeyyy, download? hmm this is v4… hmm drive back… ah yes, there is “older version link”, now you find v5… perfect… download it… installl… now you are at the top of this reply… :)) activate… nothing… how stupid i am… drive back to www.sambamarket.com, get to the modules… now you can buy… easy right? :smile:

the developers of this application are turkish guys… they put turkish support… perfect… but “some” parts are turkish and some not…

remote desktop - aka RDP is a protocol , and if you know what is this, then you can use it…

sure i can buy “off the shelf” epos software… very nice pointing… why i am writing a huge post? because i am crazy or stupid…
ok give me the names of the “off the shelf” epos apps better then yours… so we can “buy” better support… right?
dont you see that i am trying to help you…? your post smells a little bit rude…

did i told you that “any” kind of support is “expensive”? or did i told you that i choose your software because it is “cheap”? did i told you that i am searching for “free” or “cheap” software? did i told you how much money i want to give for support? why are you telling me about the support prices?
what i understand from this point is, support or documentation is poor because this software is “cheap” or “free”… so take it or leave it … right?

i choose this software because some of my angel invester friends told me alot about this app… and it is nice to hear a turkish app is on the market… sure i know there are “other” software around…
so i was not looking for price, or free application… just “heard” that, there is a “nice” app …

it is not hard to take a step-by-step video to make a good start point…
look on the most-liked softwares (freeware, shareware, commercial)… they are easy… or they have very detailed documentations… or they have instructions… or they have videos out there…
if you want to grow your market… just keep this in mind

for being a “new user”, there is no comment or explanation that i have to “read” some posts etc… to get “trust”…
there are hundreds of different forums, bulletin boards etc… none of them have this thing… it is very interesting that you can not reply a post that you “created”.

Im not going to get drawn in to an arguement,
I offered some answers to a couple of your questions and some perspective on couple of your points.
To be clear, samba is NOT my software, I am just a user who tries to help others on the forum.
Nothing in my post was meant to be rude, and if it were I could say the same thing about yours.
My point about off the shelf software is that samba is not offered as an out of the box solution, it is made to allow users to build there own epos to their own exact spec, that in itself lends itself to more tech savey people - true.
As for the forum… google ‘discourse trust levels’.
I dont know why you cant post but expect it is something do do with that.


Look here…

Specifically this:

Quick Start: Help! Restaurant opens next week and I have no idea what to do!

In addition, the Setup can optionally install demo data, and basic functionality is already set up for you to start experimenting.

Any windows device capable of running Windows 7 or greater can be used as a Terminal to the main “server”. RDP is not required, and it is not recommended. RDP is only required if you want to use non-windows devices, which is also not recommended.

No. Documentation is difficult to produce for an application like SambaPOS. This is because there are so many ways to accomplish your end goal, and it is highly customizable. This cannot be said for most POS software, no matter the cost. SambaPOS is different. It is better. The fact that it does not cost very much is a bonus. The bottom line however, is that most of us use it because it can do things that no others can

The support on this forum is second to none. There are real people and users here willing to help, and quickly. Nobody here gets paid for this. We do it because we enjoy it and truly believe SambaPOS is the best.

Not really. And implying someone is rude does not help. It does not help you, and it does not help any of the rest of us. Both Kendash and JTRTech have tried to offer help to you now, and your only answer thus far is to lash back. That will not work. Your posts appear rude to me with the sarcastic tone. No amount of smiley faces will fix that.

Right. If you want to use an inferior system, why should anyone care? We enjoy helping those that want to be helped.

Maybe a bit of both? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is the difference in reading a book vs reading a forum? I will tell you #1 the forum typically gives more personalized information and typically can be more detailed. #2 the forum will answer questions a book will not, #3 a forum can show on demand media where a book will not. THe similarity between the two is you read them.

I showed the screenshots because you said you couldnt figure out RDP without a book…I typed SambaPOS RDP in google and the first result was a VERY detailed step by step guide written on how to setup RDP for SambaPOS I dont think I need to explain further how anything can be better than that.

[quote=“serkanp, post:1, topic:8948”]

  • if you are selling a product, so you have to write a pretty , smart, easy step-by-step guide how to use it…
    [/quote] Can you show me the rulebook of business that says this? Personally most people would prefer a forum where they can get personalized support.

[quote=“serkanp, post:1, topic:8948”]
“this application is now a commercial application and need support phone/email/easy documentation”,
[/quote] Its always been commercial application when was it not? The business owners can decide what business model they want to follow and the community ultimately agrees a forum is the best option, however Emre has stated many times before he is working on ideas to offer professional support just for those people that dont have time.

Ok so should I believe you then when you say your not technical person?

You can…we do it every day I am not sure what you mean? Ironically you responded in this post…

Perhaps its because your questions were answered and Emre gave you a better response.


I will be honest with you here. The reason people say this is a nice app is because #1 the community which is represented through a forum, #2 It really is a ONE of a kind app, #3 the community, #4 the community. Invoking an argument about an app where its users are very loyal and protective of is not really a good idea. You do have a few valid points but its something thats been discussed before and ideas are on the table to solve some of the concerns. Please though take the time to read and investigate this application and understand that it is community driven that is the greatness of this app. Making a bad first impression with the community generally is not a good idea.


I can’t find anything else to add…

Serkan thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. You have a great app business knowledge. Well I also have some experience on restaurant business so when you open your restaurant I’ll stand in front of your door and shout my arguments about your business to your guests… I hope you’ll get I’m trying to help you and thank me for sharing my thoughts. OK. Joking… Seriously I think you missed nobody you’re talking here are SambaPOS employees so you helped no one. Better you can tell us more about your business needs related with SambaPOS so maybe we can help you.