Label Printer Output size wrong

Why my Label Printer prints like this?

I have a Zebra GT 800 printer

What you referring to? The unrendered printer tags?
Show your template.

Hi @JTRTech I want a similar output like this
I have it from another topic :wink:

The first think is that the size to the right side is not right then it prints overlapping the labels

<L00>Datum:{TICKET DATE}
<L00>Tisch:{ENTITY NAME:Tisch}
<L00>Etikett No:{TICKET NO}


RAW-PRINTER does not work with this printer btw

To get something like that I think you need raw and to use that label printer language with ‘coordinate’ type layout.

Your using Windows printer so check margin and paper size in drivers in windows first.

The printer is set up right!

What are you showing there…

I’m showing that the print settings are good sized!

I’m guessing that’s a test print from brother software which means nothing as litkly uses propitory code.
Samba uses Windows print drivers.
Test print from word or notepad will show what margins etc samba has to deal with.
Ignore my sugestions if you want if you think you know better but then if you did you wouldn’t be on forum asking for help?
I dont mean to be harsh but you have asked for help, am offering sugestions and your just shooting them down.

lol no im not shooting them down im interested on solutions but i thougt the configuration its more an samba but i will show you an test print from windows… sorry if i did something wrong.

That came out from the printer when I pressed the test button in windows to print the the test side

It looks like the test printout is not in the center of the label but the configuration in windows looks good.

And that is the printer Configuration Printout

I did a test print from windows with an rtf document

It looks good in the center