Label Printer Question

Hello, I have been talking with the Printer Manufacturer seeing if they cans support formatted printer labels, this is what I gto as a reply. Any help would be appreciated.

“We have been advised that the QL-570 will not be able to do this as it supports raster emulation only. Have you already purchased the QL-570?”

I have a Brother QL-570 label printer myself, yes it only works as a Windows printer. So you cannot use it with ESC/POS commands. I use the printer for printing address labels on my PC and other similar tasks, never tried with SambaPOS.

However you can print to it still with SambaPOS, just set the Printer Type as Windows Printer:

You will need some trial and error, and also depends on the label type (the printer supports continuous feed with cut, or many different pre-cut sizes).

Not sure what you intend to use this for, however beware the labels for that printer are damn expensive, you might be better off getting a cheap thermal label printer then you don’t need to use Brother brand labels. Generic thermal labels are much cheaper. (note I don’t know maybe you can get compatible labels for that device but the roll has black marks on the rear to tell the printer what size label is loaded so if those are missing I doubt the printer will accept the labels).

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Actually I was really curious how easy or hard it would be after posting the above, so I just tried it out. The results are good, you should be able to print to it quite easily (actually more easy than setting up a standard label printer in my opinion).

I just used this template:




The printer printed fine, I had the print job to Separated Prints by quantity so I would get one label per item. The printer cut after each label just as expected.

End result is this:

This is the label type I have loaded:

So for a starting point, it works :slight_smile: But again as I mentioned earlier, this is an expensive printer to use if you print a lot!

UPDATE: I saw you can actually purchase compatible label cartridges for this printer. Here are a few I found on Amazon (note I do not endorse or recommend these products, I just did a quick search online so they may be poor quality, just go by the reviews)

Different size, this one is cheaper but you need the black cartridge from a previous one you have, or you can buy the black cartridge part on Amazon or ebay as well:


Thanks a lot for that!, So theirs no way to have bigger text and smaller text? Like this?

There is, but you will need to spend time experimenting. I personally don’t use label printers other than have some hardware for models we can sell, and I did a very basic proof of concept that I can elaborate upon should I need to in the future.

Possibly you can also try to see if it prints with Printer Type set to Document Printer, which it should, and that will give you lots more formatting abilities.

Read more about Document Printer formatting here (see under “Advanced Ticket Print Templating format”):

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It would depend allot on the printer model/drivers.
Have seen a special label printer layout format somewhere on the forum. It was L something - zebra thermal label printers often use it. You use coordinate style layout if I remember right.
HTML I’m sure was the option chosen for the last discussion on label printers which allows many formatting options.

Yes I saw that, but when I asked the customer support that picture asking how you do it and they said you cant
"We have been advised that the QL-570 will not be able to do this as it supports raster emulation only. Have you already purchased the QL-570?

The model required would be the QL-720NW. "

What is raster emulation? doesnt that mean it can print as a grpahic?

They won’t know about what is possible with SambaPOS. I wouldn’t take them seriously. :wink:

It just means it can only print like any normal Windows printer - like the same as your laser or inkjet printer. So it can print graphics, photos fine (quality is quite decent with that printer too). It means you cannot use ESC/POS command mode (like ticket printer) and cannot use TSPL/TSPL2 commands like some other label printers. But SambaPOS can just as well print to Windows Printer and all tags would be supported, with the exception of some formatting tags but you can try Document Printer or HTML printer to have more formatting options - they “should” work fine…

Remember the main point, that printer is meant for desktop office use for printing address labels, etc. BUT, it DOES work with SambaPOS as I showed you. You just need to experiment - try a few things like print an image, try the Document Printer like I suggested. With trial and error, I think you will find it will work fine, but it is unlikely others on the forum are using this printer so you can ask general questions but you will need to try out things yourself.

But I think the main question here is also - Do you actually HAVE a QL-570 printer or this is just a pre-sales question? If you do not have one, why you want to buy this one?

I believe the QL-570 is actually discontinued. I bought mine about 8 years ago. QL-720NW is a new model according to their website, it is network / wireless version, it’s more expensive.

UPDATE: Some Brother label printers actually support ESC/POS commands (ESC/P is the same). Not the QL-570 though, but worth noting. You can see full list of what printers can support it here:

Raster is what a JPEG or PNG is.
Is best explained through comparison to images.
A JPG is raster which is made of pixels, is image is 300x200 pixels thats (60,000 pixels).
A Vector (commonly used for logos and graphics) is like a set of digital coordinates and data representing the image.

Image wise this means a vector can be re-sized with 0 effect on quality and the points/coordinates are scaled unlike a JPG where an enlargement results in pizelisation where for example that 300200 image, if you enlarged to 600400 (twice the widthxheight) its actually an enlargement of x4 as size wise is 2x2 twice height and twice width and pixelisation is where because of the enlargement what was one pixel is now 4 which is where the picture often gets a jaged edge/blocky look.

While most printers/drivers will take whatever the image is and rastersize it as part of the printing process as the printer works in microscopic dots of ink on the paper having a better res image to begin with means the dots can be more defined.

ESC/POS (at least as I understand) I believe works directly with the data sent.
The printer knows the alphabet in use and the computer tells the printer the letters rather than generating an image of the receipt where the letters are pixels/dots on the sheet.
This is often what allows these type of printers (along with being thermal) to be so fast as rastersizing makes more processing, bigger file/more data to transfer and likewise for the printer to process.

Windows printer option will go through the rastersizing route as I understand it, similarly with the HTML option. The PC rendered a receipt sized image which the printer prints without understanding the content as sees it as one image.

This is why ESC codes will not work with a windows/html printer.

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I do not have one, but I want to buy this one when I can get it with 2 year warranty for $60.

Seems like a fairly average price. Argos sells that model in UK for £40 which is about the same.
Its a cheap machine if it will do what you need - which is the question :wink:

Also don’t forget to account for consumables on this type of purchase, all though being thermal there is no ink to worry about but allot of these type of printers are like the small desktop printer market where they sell the printer cheap but you get royally stiffed on the ink or in this case labels. Just check you can source aftermarket/compatible labels as expect the brother branded labels will work out expensive on a per/label basis.

What would you suggest I get?
I run a coffee shop open for 2 hours a week. We genrally get 50-100 orders a week.

Im upgrading from a system where the staff take the money and write on a sticky note the order, before sticking it on the lid.

Any suggestions? We really dont make any profit, the only reason I want to upgrade to Samba is to manage a loyalty card system as well as genreate good reports. I was previously using a Java program I built myself but Samba seemed to have all the features that I needed.

Don’t really have any recommendations to be honest just a warning to check you can source labels at good price.

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