Last Bill print not working

Following up from @JTRTech tutorial, I can’t seem to get my bill to print. The ticket ID is carrying through but the print is blank. See below

Continuing the discussion from Tutorial: Basic Print Last Bill/Receipt Button (JTRTech):

Show the automation command rule for the button.

You mean the rule that the button calls right?

ok, can you shot that ticket in the ticket list?

Doesn’t the ticket list show the ticket number not the ticket id?

yes, very true. :blush:
are you printing with ticket open? dont know if thats factor but know my button is mapped to only before ticket open

The button is mapped to ticket. Most the time the servers just keep that screen open and it would work best in ticket for quick sale business (biggest reason why I want the function).

sorry to butt in, but ive NEVER managed to get this to work, so a DB file when complete would be awesomeness :slight_smile:


Hmmm, show your update setting rule.

Have just checked on my system and it does only seem to behave as expected if you are not in a open ticket.
If a ticket is open it seems to print the current ticket not the ticket with ID specified.

As I set mine up with the print last bill and print bill buttons to be in same position where it was print last bill utill ticket started then just print current bill once ticket started.
Because of this I didnt get this senario…

It works if I toss the button on the navigation screen. @Jesse any idea why I can get Execute Print Bill to work while in a current ticket?


Mine works from pos but only before ticket creation.
It does seem odd behaviour since a ticket id is specified…

@emre explained on v4 post and sounds to be the same

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That worked. I can now print the ticket inside a ticket.