Latest Install: Great Western Arms, Gloucestershire

Thought I’s post a couple of pictures of my latest install.
Haven’t been on forum much recently as been helping with the relaunch of this clients newest place sorting all the tech and music system etc and there was no internet on site and the village has absolutely no phone signal either so been fairly isolated LOL

Anyway is a nice country pub with two bars, one in main bar and the other in the bar/restaurant.
They have seating for approximately 60 and set in a lovely Cotswold village.

The Samba setup is fairly simple as they like to keep everything as simple as possible.
Anyway here are a few pictures. The lighting is a little dim in typical country pub style, plus it was after hours…

Taking advantage of the separates systems I use I have mounted the screens on the wall behind the bar with cash draw, pc and printer under the bar for what I think is a very nice and clean setup.


They will also be adding a tablet to the system shortly for table orders on busy nights.

Is it a correct photo? Seems like a great place. May I tweet these?

@emre that is Bibury, not far from here.
Your welcome to use the pictures but if you can hold off I will try and get some better ones of the till in place if your wanting to show Samba in use.
Still meaning to sort some pictures and shots of the hotel install.
If you want more will sort some of this pub landlords other place which is another very twee country pub.

This is the pub;

This is there place in Stretton

This is the Hotel I work days at and just did the PMS integration for;


I’ll be glad to have more if possible.

I found great Gloucestershire photos from google. Are you living there? It should be fun to be there. Why these buildings are “arms”?

It will be an orldy worldy thing.
They have greasts of arms which would have come from a lord or noble family who owned at one point.
The Redesdale was owned by the Redesdale family who I beleive was the lord of the land/area many moons ago LOL
Will email a cop of the hotel history if your interested.

Only issue with Redesdale tills is they are on the bar in ‘alcoves’ which are cluttered with ticket pads etc which make for less atractive pictures but will sort some good ones for there allog with some screenshots when get chance.

Yes I’ll be happy to read that.

Only thing that appears like it shouldn’t be there is the POS screen lol.

@emre here is the history sheet for the hotel.

The Redesdale Arms History.pdf (56.5 KB)

@emre the forth till from my last post is the 5th till for a big install at the MECA events hall in Swindon.
Have asked for a ticket to the next event and will go down to see the tills at work and should be able to take some pictures… might be a good example of the scale-ability. The venue can take 1500 people standing in main hall and another 300 on the balcony.

This was a photo from one of the 3 bars on the ground floor/main area;