Laundry business question

I have an issue I need to ask. I have a special scenario. I have a laundry, not all tickets is closed in same day. I created another payment as “Pay later”. not in EOD report I can different between tickets closed today and pay later tickets. but I need to add tickets opened only today. number of tickets and value for them.
I can see tickets closed today, whatever it opened before or today, but how to show the tickets opened today only to show in report.

in this senario you could use preorder option, have a look on the forum, preorder allows work period close with open ticket but you need to carefully plan your reporting and believe most use this with ticket date change to keep the ticket carried over in to next day untill pod.
Not something I have done myself.

My problem is not to close the day with open tickets, I make it somehow. my problem is how to show the tickets opened today in end of day report. If I misunderstand your answer please tell me.

I dont understand, work period will show todays tickets by default!

Yes, :slight_smile: Actually my question in my scenario is I have closed tickets in past days, was opened before, and opened tickets of course for today. In the report it shows all tickets made by today (closed, and open as preorder). I need to show the opened orders today.

Imagine that, you go to a laundry and give some stuff, you will take them after two days, when you back you give me some new stuff and take what you gave to me 2 days before.
I need to show in report what you order today, the new tickets for today. You have two tickets, one is paid today for stuff since 2 days, and new ticket for new stuff. I hope you got what I mean :smiley:

I need to know the new orders to know how many tickets new made today, not included what is closed or paid today.

Cash 3 tickets 50$
Pay later 1 ticket 20$
New Orders 2 tickets 40$

You really need to use Customer Accounts IMO. Have you searched and checked how Customer Accounts are handled…

I’m using a customer account actually, it is no difference as what I ask is related with number and amount for new tickets.

No because if you were using accounts you wouldnt need to use preorder.

Preorder is reported seperatly at the top is it not?

This is what I meant about being carefull with preorder.
The way others have done is setup that preorder tickets are carried forward by changing the ticket date with automation so that they do not effect reports for current day.
If not and you do late or make payment you potentially backdate payments due to the ticket dte being in the past or if change date at later date you end up reporting sales twice (already printed in old report and again in new date period.

Preorder should not be used if you want to count sale at time of ticket/order, you should use debit account.

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I’m not using preorder, who said I use it? I said I make it somehow, actually I make a different settlement with different payment type and called it unpaid, and make a payment called pay later, and close the tickets as pay later, then when the customer back, I make reopen ticket and close it cash or visa or whatever. that I made as my little know, but not use preorder as it discussed in here

You did :-P…

Ok, I didn’t mean what you mean, I just use the word. when you tell me about it I searched and found the word is using for a special case, but I didn’t use this, I’m using what I said

I said close and open AS, that not mean I use it :slight_smile:

This is not a typical setup so you need to show what your are getting in reports and how it needs to be.
Does the final payment on the reopened tickets show at all? I would have expected these payments would not reflect well in reports depending on if you reported {PAYMENTS: or {TICKET DETAILS:
I would expect your going to struggle to reconcile your banking either way without majorly restructuring your reports.

Your senario is potentially doable with preorder so long as you ‘carry the tickets forward’ by automating a date change.
Or potentially manipulate your current setup and maybe set orders to ignore price like a gift and set a custom state on ticket for reporting purposeses. This would not count sales at drop of date and then when they come in you undo the dont calculate price and update ticket date to today before paying off.

Im only guessing at options,

Accounts is the way to go though, you would not use unpaid payment type but charge to the customer account leaving a debit balance.
Using states on ‘open tickets’ still needing completion for whatever tracking setup you might have.
Then on collection the payment goes to that customer account to balance the charges made at time of drop off.

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To your original question, payments is not a good way to report ticket values, its backwards and since tickets can contain multiple payments it has potential issues.
You should use accounts and ticket states.

Sorry, I got what you said now, I see I’m using a customer only, not a customer account, sorry for you all.

I’ll try using the customer account and see the result.