LED Customer Display

Hello Everyone, I need some help with a LED customer display that came attached to an all in one machine. We have been setting up the VFD Customer Display without a problem but this is the first time i have this type.

So I am able to communicate with the display from cmd and when i send something in template like the
I expect the 1 to turn on the Item field and display total, however all i am getting is — for every item i add in the cart i get a dash. This could be because i do not fully understand the instructions for using the LED Display. Instruction doc is here: LED8 custom display command.pdf (102.9 KB)

For the example above i followed this instruction:

ESC s n set unit price total amount collection change character display status command

ASCII format ESC s n 0<=n<=4
Decimal [027][115] n 48<=n<=52
Hex [1BH][73H] n 30H<=n<=34H

when n=0 four characters all dark.
When n=1 unit price character on,other three off.
When n=2 total character on,other three off.
When n=3 collection character on,other three off.
When n=4 Change character on,other three off.

I will appreciate any help i can get to get it working, in the sambaPOS template in this case do i need [LAYOUT] to be present or do i just send the commands as they are in instruction manual.

I got one of these working before. You can read full details here:

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Thanks for the reply not sure where i am going wrong after following your past example in the link i am able to get some numbers to the cash LED display but not consistent they pop up as they please. I also cant clear with 12 nothing happens, seems my commands are not recognised at all. Here is my minimal setup

Printer line Character count is 8

Total Template

Clear Template

Print Jobs



Print Total


I am also running the .bat file with below content together with the .dat files as they are, in your zip upload in the link above:

@echo off
MODE COM3 9600, N, 8,1
copy /b set9600.dat COM3:
MODE COM3 9600, N, 8,1
copy /b clr.dat COM3:

I also tried to use items template on ticket total changed with below in corresponding template



Total wouldn’t be in the orders section…
Think your trying to set values like a normal basic customer display.
Looks like yours rather than just being a line or multi line display has specific commands for sections of the display.
The bit you pasted from manual says;

ESC s n set unit price total amount collection change character display status command

To me this would mean an esc command with values in sections relating to parts of display.
Order added would be;

esc s n price total
Something like


Never tried tags within xct command…
PS those tags may not be correct, on mobile without reference.

No that is correct, he just wants to output the price of the item when it is added, it’s taken from my setup and I know it works.

No, that is for turning on/off the 4 lights under the numbers (Price, Total, Collect, Change), it’s nothing to do with printing price on display

@mukopaje your setup all looks fine, if you are running the bat file beforehand. Also check the COM port settings in Windows device manager, make sure it is set to 9600 baud rate.

Otherwise your setup all seems fine.

I don’t have the LED8 display anymore so I can’t test this, also no idea where that setup is now, I did it over 3 years ago on V4.

@markjw Thanks for helping, i did not have a chance to finish working on this setup as the client had to start using the machine without the led display working for now, once i have a solution i will update them. I will order similar machines very soon and i will revisit this thread once i start testing this solution again. Thanks again everyone who tried to help here …

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