Left Ticket Column gone!

cloned all the prebuilt buttons for their desired departments. and mapped them using ticket type & dept, and puff now all gone but the bottom close and settle buttons showing, but now if move 1 or 2 buttons from left ticket to under ones voila it shows, Pretty Strange Behavior

@Jesse Help needed!

I think you said it yourself. You mapped them for ticket type. Well by default there is no ticket yet. Until you add an item. But I will say the most common request I have when someone needs help.

Show a screenshot of your mappings. Something is wrong with it. If you made changes to mapping and they disappeared it means something is not as expected and you made a mistake with mappings or do not quite understand it enough to know why they disappeared.

I don’t know for sure because I can’t see it. But it sure sounds like you mapped them to be visible but have not met that requirement yet so you don’t see them. In this case maybe that’s not the right ticket type.

These are my general settings.

and these are my button mappings.

"also made 2 test buttons and mapped them to each unique ticket type such as Ticket, FastFood Ticket & Departments mapped them under the ticket row, one is showing and the fast-food department is not showing.

Been using SambaPOS since 2011 whenever I encountered any issue or wanted to do something new this great community of people has already been through and found a solution, Was thinking of upgrading to v5 since 2022 when finally did it its this basic issue occurred in the middle of going hardcore on the V5.

The issue was with default Button mappings (Ticket Note, Cancel Orders, Move, Change), which were not triggering the left column,
(Make sure if you duplicate the buttons and do not rename the names it might do some weird things)