Licence Activation Issue

Hey guys,

Me and my company have been using SambaPOS for the last two years now, and so far everything has been great. Quite some tight moments have been had, but a lot of new features, ideas and plans have come together.

However, all of this came to an end earlier today, one of our managers got a lot of License Activation pop-ups during a busy service. Frustated he clicked all of them away for the remainder of the shift until I got the time to look at the issue that had happened. It was a relatively easy diagnosis, but a rather difficult way to fix it so far…

I tried changing my SambaPOS store account, resetting keys, rebooting all of our terminals, but so far to no luck. I can login with my account (and refreshed password) and uninstall and reinstall the license in de SambaMarket but the “Activate” button on the top left stays grey whenever I reinstall.

We’ve been running two servers to distribute the workload, each server with two terminals connected. I thought of the fact that there were two different servers and databases, but I’ve never had any problems with the licenses in the past two years, even including a complete re-install of the two servers…

I hope you might be able to assist me in the process,


Two servers so you have 2 licenses?

Oh well, it should not be working in the first place. I think if you like it you just buy another license.

To be honest there is no reason to distribute work load across only 4 terminals… SQL Server is VERY Robust and can handle MUCH MUCH More terminals than 4 with a single server running modest specs. It will also centralize reports and accounting as well as menu’s etc.

You have not answered my question yet perhaps I have not given enough time, however I will explain how license works just in case you were not aware. License is for single database if you run multiple databases then each database needs its own license. If you load a database from a backup… likely you will need to clear keys, remove license, shut down sambapos, restart it, Login and activate again.

I guess it is 2 locations.

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Maybe it is but its hard to tell based on the distribute workload comment.

We do have two different locations, so two servers intertwined made more sense. Technically they do use two databases, so I’ll get my boss to get the license for the second one. Still doesn’t completely explain why it has worked for the last year, maybe I got lucky :wink:

You probably got lucky… I have an idea how you got lucky… but anyway you need 2 licenses to avoid that problem again.

The license structure is 1 license per venue… most venues use a single database so technically its 1 license for each database. But again basically you have 2 venues so you need to purchase a 2nd license.

But then remains one final question. I purchased the license for V5 waaaayyyy back, and things have changed a little. Where can I now purchase a license, considering the fact that there’s no reseller currently in The Netherlands? The online store doesn’t list the specific license anymore.

That is a good question that I dont think anyone here knows the answer to…
We only noticed this the other day and tayfun etc have not mentioned this.

There are a few of us which are registered resellers on the forum that should be able to resell you a licence through our b2b accounts but one this process still raises questions as mark pointed out, if he sells a licence he cant sell it for $99usd, he has to convert that into his currency and also add VAT.