Licence for V5 India

I have purchased Samba by paying online some time back for my first resturant and for the second i am trying to buy same licence but not able to, Presently using Unrigesterd Version, Like to buy the Licence Pls let us know how can i do that,


You can now only purchase a licence from one of the official samba re-sellers

Youll need to go to the main samba website whete there is a list of resellers, contact one to purchase a licence from them

It possibly wont be $99 either as the resellers can charge what they want so you might want to contact a couple to see what they charge

I have setup a specific product on my epos shop site for purchase of V5 licence.
Its for setup of a Samba account and purchase/allocation of licence only and does not include any support or hardware etc (similar principle of how it used to be when end user could buy direct).
I do offer services/systems however understand many still want to admin their own system and just require a licence.

I can sell you one for 10k INR