License Activation

Is there something going on with licensing servers? Ive been getting a lot of messages from more than one client about constant need to reactivate license.

Standard setup of v5.3.6, only work period backups.
What these clients do have in common is that they have more than one Terminal.

No issues here.

  • If they connect to the local network by cable, can they ping the sambapos server where the db lives?
  • If they connect with Wi-Fi, are they all on same router SSID?

Of course, the ports 1433, 1434 and 9000 are open. They can connect to SQL instance and ping server without a problem.

It just goes unregistered trial mid day during their shift. The server does, I mean.

Ooops that’s not good!!!

Does it comeback “Registered” on its own? or do they click the Login button and then they have to click activate everyday? the unique rego key is saved in the system conf table so try to check if the corresponding fields are becoming blank when this happens.

I would also check that server and terminals all have same time and I would force sync the time from the net regardless.

Very curious case!

No it does not, terminals stay Registered until you turn off the app and run it again, then they pick up on Unregistered.

Ill check the DB next time when it happens, but I had to input email again so I am guessing it was blank in the database.

Yes they are, all in sync, maybe few seconds difference.

Have they been restoring any backups? Is “Manage addon licenses on backup and restore” checked?

No they havent and I am pretty sure them as an end user wouldnt even know where to begin with that

It was Checked, I unchecked it last time I activated just to see if it will behave differently.

I had similar experience, but i was able to resolve it…
Check if they do End Work On the clients instead of server.

They do end it on clients, not on the Server. Why, what was the issue for you?

Maybe seeing error message from backup directory not being accessabke on client machine or something

No we are not getting reports of this being an issue. Given the custom nature of sambapos it could be a few things causing it.

One of the biggest ones we see is people trying to load the database on other machines to do updates and it hits the license server and sees two databases.

I am not sure what else to say, I cant figure out why its happening, all the usual parameters are normal and there is nothing out of ordinary in backup arrangements or anything else.

I know this can be an issue but I actually havent worked on these databases on other machines, only via AnyDesk to connect to production server.

Do they reboot often. It checks license server every time sambapos is loaded. Maybe your hitting it too often or it’s trying to check and internet is not good