License count exceeded

Earlier in the week I was testing the mobile app with a test tablet and it worked. I later installed the app on another tablet and arrived on-site with only that tablet.

After saving settings and updating the app, I get “license count exceeded” when I try and log in.

I have gone to the online control panel and cleared my keys, then re-logged in and activated my license, and still same thing.

Any ideas?

The license is for one device. You must log out of the Mobile App on the device before you attempt to log into another mobile device. It will not auto time out, or auto logout after so many minutes nor if it loses network connection.

The other devices has been turned off for 5 days and it is always at a log in screen. How can I still be logged in on it?

Did you actually go and logout? If not then you need to do that.

I guess I am not following. I am away from the site but have the tablet in front of me that I had working once.

Isn’t it always logged out?

No it’s not. Login and then logout see if that helps.

Also are you trying to use it on a different database now? Remember the license was designed for 1 database AND 1 device.

No I am using the same DB. I will try what you suggested. I am not there, so I will have to enable the port over the web for a minute to do it.

I think I got it.
I restarted the message server.
Logged into the system remotely with the new tablet. It updated.

Looks good so far.

I try it out again when I arrive onsite.