Licensing and usage of Samba V4

I would liketo know the actual licensing of Samba V4.

The restaurant my friend is opening is quite new and were looking for ways to lessen the expense for now.

But I encouraged him that these types of softwares do live in donation so I have hinted him to maybe give a donation in some time.

But for now were looking for something free so we can operate and see if the budget cuts it for the months to come. Were already cutting down expenses on hardwares and try not to fall into just POS machines but building a custom hardware to get us starting without losing much on the operation side.

Else we will settle with Samba V3 which I think is good enough for the business. Since MSSQL Express is already there, I already did some reporting tool for it. I do like how Samba is porting its own report but users usually is just aiming for excel files to work with.

SambaPOS4 is free but its not open source. however you shouldnt need open source as its fully customizable through rules and actions and various other automation.

SambaPOS5 is the current version and its $99 for license good for lifetime of v5 and it includes all of the previously paid modules from v4 in that single price. I highly recommend v5 it greatly expands the capabilities. V5 comes with a free 500 ticket trial that gives unrestricted access to it until 500 tickets after that it still works but displays a popup reminding to license it on order added.

SambaPOS5 supports exports of custom reports to CSV, and Excell v4 does not support this.

Thank you for this great info! I’m quite new to this app. For now Samba v4/v3 is good enough for our need. If we need to upgrade then we will see if the upgrade fits our needs. We just need to make sure the cashier is working for the resto. Were using mostly open source in the resto except for Windows sadly. It would have been great to see this app working for *nix as well, its a great way to say to clients, “You can remove your windows subscription and install *nix and get our SambaPOS5 to save you cost”. But anyhow, I will try v5 on my lab first and see how it goes. I don’t have a lot to say since I don’t own the resto. But anyhow, thanks for the info!

im not sure I’ve ever seen a good POS running on Linux. your also typically on your own with Linux as far as support concerned. I’ll be honest I can’t think of a single advantage Linux would provide. You usually end up paying more for it since there is less support.