Limited product showing on the inventory items

Hello house, I use SambaPOS V5, and I added all product I sell from product window. normally, when I go to inventory window and click on inventory items I see all product added from the product window in the inventory items window under their various categories.

Now, I am not seeing all my product in the inventory items window. I want to update purchase inventory, items I can not found.

The product are available in the product window under their various categorises. I can see this product because, they appear on menu list too. As I write this I see those product, but they are not found on inventory items, even after I have click “Click here to Display All” in the inventory items window.

please I need help.

It may have truncated a few to save on memory. Look at the top of the product list there may be an expand to see all link.

By default it does not create inventory item when you create product you need to do that yourself. It will if you right click and choose create recipe it will do a 1to1 ratio for retail.

I have do this, not all product is showing.

If I create a product, do I need to create inventory item for it?

And not all Items are showing on my recipe window

When I click “Find Missing Recipes” I see 179 Missing recipies. How do I Make them visible?

If they are missing it’s not they are not visable it’s that recipe hasn’t been created.

How do I create them and link it to produce

In inventory… search forum or its well documented.