Link Ticket modification with Orignal Ticket

As we can’t reopen ticket to modify it, can we link refund transaction to this ticket?
For exemple (it’s not my case but it should be like it) :
Customer buy a product like a TV, he paid and got a ticket with total amount $100 and ticket number #299
But seller forgot to apply a discount so he made a refund transaction of $50 and describe it as “refund cash forgotten discount”
The next day, customer came back to the store and wish to change TV because it’s too small.
The customer gave the seller the ticket #299 to refund payement.

But this morning, it’s not the same seller so when the seller open the ticket #299, he won’t know that this customer had had a $50 discount and risk to give him back $100 as it’s written on original ticket.

So is there a solution to avoid this problem and link refund transaction with the original ticket, in order to display it when seller open the ticket #299.


You can use Create Account Transaction action to create Cash Refund transaction. So create an automation command button for closed tickets and configure SambaPOS to create refund transaction. New Action Query Parameter feature will be useful. When this button clicked you can ask refund amount, create refund transaction and create a ticket tag to note refund amount.