Linking multiple menus to multiple warehouses

Hi guys I’m new to this forum and would like some advice. We have setup multiple warehouses ie cocktail bar vip bar main bar and mini bar which are working fine… I am having an issue enabling use of multiple menus on the front interface as it only allows me to select one menu at a time and then I have to close it to access another menu… If we use one warehouse then I am able to access all food and drinks menus on 1 page however the moment we introduce multiple warehouses I am unable to access multiple menus for example if I need to order drinks and food I have to first select the ticket for main restaurant order the food close it then access the bar order the drink then close it… How can I manage to have the menus linked to one page so I can order both food and drink without having to close. Also thr menu buttons at the bottom of the screen are disabled so I cannot access multiple menus for some reason see screen shots attached

I would also appreciate if I can get any team viewer assistance on the same

V5 has the ability to change menus in the same ticket but V4 does not.

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Those buttons are departments if I’m correct rather than menus and ticket I think can only be one department.
As ken dash said v5 has switch menu action.

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