Linking tables in Microsoft access 2010/2013

Hi Guys,

I am trying to link some of the sambaPOS SQL tables to a Microsoft access 2010 or 2013 database so I can create some menu pricing reports for our staff.

When I try to link most tables I get an error PK_dbo xxxxxxxx is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not included invalid characters …

It seems there is a issue with the format of the KEY in some of the table and access cannot read or accept.

what can be the workaround here?

Please let me know


Why? Samba has reports option and you could also do direct sql queries… don’t understand why you would want to involve access.

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I am not familiar with SQL but can use Microsoft Access as I have done for several other projects with linking to SQL tables in applications

I am trying to get a report of all items with prices that i can sort, categorize, etc


If you just want a report look at check out reports section and data exports.

We don’t support Access sorry. We work with SQL.

HI Jesse,

I would take a look but all access does is link to the sambapos database and allow you to create your own searches and reports

Its the same as linking Excel to an SQL database

thanks anyway


Reports in samba are very customisable.
Maybe if you elaborate on what your actually looking to report.
My custom item sales report includes product prices.
Also I’d be suprised if a report was possible in access but not in sql as you could also look at using report sql details expression to directly query sql.

Sounds more like it’s more because your more familiar with access over sql which with all respect is something you should maybe just live with and expand your experiance to include sql.
I had never used javascript (script actually in samba) or done anything more than basic single table query in sql before I started doing more complex setups in samba, but I’m glad I did learn.

I’m probably wrong on this one but I though access was slowly dieing with sql and other db type cloud based systems taking over…

Ok then you are all set… I don’t understand what the issue is then?

I will see if I can accomplish what i need by other means. while all that is said is true concerning Access and SQL this is what I am familiar with and have been able to use access to connected to several POS systems liken NCR counterpoint, Microsoft RMS and others. It really should connect to any SQL database the problem is the way the database is setup for samba.

I will find a workaround, thanks for the responses