Lister code are not working

this lister code 1
{ENTITY NAME:Customer}|-{ENTITIY DATA:Customer}
Lister code 2

As i told you in your other thread your entity is not called customer its called Customers so you need to add an s to Customer in all your printer tags in your lustet settings

In fact i think all you tags are incomplete eg

Lister 1 you have ENTITY DATA:Customer but havent specified which field of the customer entity you want to show

Plus you spelt entity incorrectly and your customer entity is actually Customers (with an s at the end)

So if you want it to show customer address for example that should look like this:

ENTITY DATA:Customers:Address

(Assuming the field where you store the address in your entity is called Address, which i think it was from the screenshots in your other post)

Instead of ENTITY NAME:Customer in lister 1 it should be:

ENTITY DATA:Customers:Name

(Again assuming the field where you store the customers name is called Name, remember its all case sensitive too so name is not the same as Name or NAME, it must be exactly the same as the field in your entity)

{ENTITY NAME:Customers}|-{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Name}
is this the right code for lister 1?
after applying this i got this

Pretty sure it should be customer not customers for your system, you screen shows on other topic show customer for noth entity type and entity name. Default has type as customers which is proably why rick is saying otherwise - you must have changed but without s should work for your system.

Dont forget ENTITY NAME is now the number so you need ENTITY DATA to get the name custom field.

{ENTITY NAME:Phone}|-{ENTITY DATA:Customer: Name}
is this the right code im putting in

i need to look this from the beging there many problem nothing is working

No, {ENTITY NAME:Customer} for phone and {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Name} for customer name.

i have made same changes also but lister not display nay thing here is the setting

What do you mean it not display anything? No Tickets? No Buttons?

What changes did you make? What are you trying to do?

I realy dont remember what change i made but these screen shoots are my setteing

With this setting lister display nothing

HAVE ANY IDEA what should i need to do our what im miss?

The Format parameter for the Ticket Lister Widget contains almost no configuration information, so it will not display much, if anything at all - that is why it is blank/empty…

Try something like this:

[<L00>NOTE: {NOTE}]
-- Table entity format
<L00>Table: {ENTITY NAME}
-- Customer entity format
<J00>Customer: {ENTITY NAME}
-- Default format for orders
-- Nothing will print for void lines

Thanks alot lister 1 is now working now what should i do with lister 2

I have no idea what you should do with Lister 2. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve.

when i select order by clicking order from lister 1 and despatch to a rider the order shift to lister 2 with rider name and timer start with it and when i cashout the order it shoud be disaper from lister 2