So I have this Action to Load a ENTITY:Supplier which seems to work, but I cannot access or check the other Custom Data fields using {ENTITY DATA:x}


So kendash said “the action is used to place an Entity into memory for further processing”? What can be done with Supplier after LOAD ENTITY as I would like to store some custom data with ACTION:Update Entity Data.

Is the problem because I am inside a Ticket?

Ok - so CHANGE TICKET ENTITY is required and returns Custom Data - BUT it attaches to the Ticket. I guess I will need to unattached when I am done updating Custom Data Fields? Surely you must be able to access all Entity Fields outside of a Ticket…

Umm let me check this link out.

[EDIT 3]

Looks like if I am in Ticket then I MUST use “In Ticket Commands”.

Final Results if you are Interested :relieved:

Load Entity Action

Change Ticket Entity Action

Change Ticket Entity Action using {ENTITY NAME:Supplier}

Once you load an entity you do not need to specify entity type. When you load an entity these tags will work.


Once Entity is loaded you do not need to use {ENTITY NAME:X} or {ENTITY DATA:<Entity Type>:X}

The reason for specifying entity type is if your in a ticket working with multiple entities assigned.

Load Entity was designed to work outside of tickets which is the very reason we have the action.

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To update entity data you do not have to load an entity first all of the required parameters are inside the action.