Lock entities per user id

Is it possible to only allow the user that opened the table to acess that table? We’ve had issues with waitress a taking the order and waitress b printing the bill and sending it to the kitchen. Then when there’s a screw up we don’t know who to blame. I’ve tried explaining to them about the pc but only one of our waitresses are tech savy. The rest barely qualify as an average pc user. I’m not insulting them we just need to try an make this as easy as possible for our staff because they’re good people and we just want to make this easy and keep mistakes to a minimum. Our old program did this and Im sure samba can do it. I’ve yet to see something other programs do that samba cant! We need entities to lock to the user who opened the table. And not let anyone else access the same table until it is either closed by the user that opened it or a manager. Is this possible? I couldn’t find any tutorials… I probably wasn’t wording my search properly. This will definitely help with screw ups, because like I said… our staff is not tech savvy so what I can do and understand they probably cant.

If your Servers have their own User PIN/Login, this Role Permission might help…

Uncheck/clear the box for the permission Can Display Other Waiters Tickets:

Now I feel stupid. I saw that when I created the accounts I just couldn’t remember where i saw it. Anyway problem solved, thanks